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  1. Would like pricing on Magnapacks catback and/or mufflers alone, for a 99 GT
  2. I'm looking for a price on the Magnapack #10426. Do you know where I can hear a soundclip of these on a 5.0 with an X-pipe? Thanks in advance
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  4. Price for two Magnapacks #14416. Are these a direct replacement for a 99 IRS Cobra with Magnaflow catback?
  5. Looking for a price for the #15815. Thanks very much.
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  7. Looking for a price shipped for the #15445.
  8. Have an 89 GT with custom JBA 2.5" pipes. Right CAT is disintegrating and causing a very LOUD rattle. I'm in CA and would like to replace the CATs on both sides either in an H pipe I could weld in or just the CATs if an H is not available. JBA did the work in 2002 and (without telling me) replaced the 4 CAT stock system with a 2 CAT system.

    I need to know what options I have and the prices.

    Thanks in advance!!
  9. Looking for pricing on part #15592. Thanks
  10. new 2012 Gt 5.0 looking for something cheap (lease car) like axle back?

    let me know what you got.

    Daily Driver.

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  12. Hey i was wondering about the magnapack for a 95 cobra i think 15677. Thanks
  13. Hey, looking for a competition series Catback and off road (no cats) X pipe for a 2012 GT.
  14. Price shipped on cat back #15589 and axle back #15593

    Thank you,
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