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Discussion in 'Vendor Sponsor Forums' started by Slapyo, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Slapyo or Planet Magnaflow staff:

    Would like to request a PM for pricing on Magnaflow part number 14416 (should be a "Magnapack" stainless steel/polished muffler) PLEASE.

    Looking for a pair of 'em - thx!

  2. Mike,

    Wanted to say thanks for the deal and timely shipping on my Magaflow Cat-back system 15881. I was finally able to install it. This system is good quality and it was very easy to install and no drone. Nice and deep, but step on the loud pedal and it reacts accordingly.

  3. Thanks again Planet Magnaflow & staff - my Magnapack mufflers were delivered yesterday; killer pricing and fast S&H, as always. :) Can't wait to install 'em on the '01...

  4. Magnaflow

    Hello everyone . I'm looking for Magnaflow 16843 muffler delete for my 07 GT500 Shelby. Thanks
  5. Looking for pricing on Magnaflow system 15592, if you are still doing that sort of thing.
  6. price on #15673 please. Thanks
  7. Would like a price on 37339 for my CA '95 Mustang.

    If this is a dead thread, please let us know, and I will stop here.
  8. PM Sent.

  9. Is this a dead thread? No activity since Oct of last year?
  10. I bought a system from you almost a year ago and shortly afterward I sold the car. I have a new one now and enjoyed our dealings and the Magnaflow system I purchased. Anyway, I am looking at the 15150 system. If this is Mike, I am not sure if you remember me as I am sure you have dealt with many folks. Anyway, to recap I am retired Air Force and have been on Stangnet for some time (and several other Mustang/racing related forums).

  11. PM sent. ;)
  12. Looking for price on 15815. 66 coupe with headers


  13. PM sent.