Planning Closet reunion - Early Fall, near Cape Cod

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  1. OK, we'll try this one again, two years later. No more Killer attack Farberware either, Pak.....:lol:

    I will be goine to SE MASS to get another Body, and to Factory Five to get replacement parts for the ones I bent. So far, looking at early of mid October. Has to be on a Saturday.

    What works for any of you?

    Targeted Hoodlums so far:

    anybody else?
  2. Targeted Hoodlums ? I resemble that remark:D , anytime is good for me, you name it. If you need any legwork in advance let me know, I'm in that neighborhood 5 days a week.

  3. What you need to do is head for CSE-West to get some more ideas on improvements while doing the rebuild :D since it's in mdjay's backyard; he'll be there, I'm sure. I'll get the weekend off, proba bly could kidnap oboe.... have West Coast reunion :nice:

    I promise we'll treat you EC guys better than the Angels treated the Yankees in the game that just ended.
    Los Angels 12
    Yankme's 7
    :D :D :D :D :D
  4. Give me enough advanced warning and I can schedule myself off for the date(s) in question........FYI I just turned in my 11-7 nurses schedule for Sept. 10 thru Oct. 7 (I have Oct 6 & 7 off!):nice:

    One of the perks of being the shift stoopidvisor.:D

    GO BOSOX!!!:flag:
  5. OK, maybe now either Sept 9 or Sept 30, probably the latter. Gotta be a Sat, & morning-Early afternoon.

    Who's in? Someone tell PAK.
  6. Ya, right. Down 7, Big Papi out, no pitching, :owned:
  7. NEITHER date is good for me......
    Sept 9 I'm working (working the night before too!)
    and Sept 30 I'm going to see Clapton at MSG.

    What was wrong with Oct 7???:(
  8. I'm good, what happened to the body in Sharon? Is that a no go?
  9. Worth,

    Call in tonight, hoping to cement the deal. I may ask a favor of you if I cannot meet his schedule, would you be willing to pick up the Cobra body, and hold it? That way, we could meet at your place, and see your fleet.

    If you can, please PM me your contact info.

  10. Are you sure you don't work in Mrs StDr's PACU's????

    Ummmmm...... Cowgirl Tink and I (and whatever family members are available, Mrs StDr will probably be on-call) have an appointment to, uh, distribute some ashes up in the area of my folks' old cabin in Heber-Overgaard, AZ

    (Yeah right! Like we could get the time/ex$pensive tickets to cruise over to the Yeast Coast to look at FFR parts :nonono: )
  11. Ya, I can pick it up, but don't you want me to check it out before you buy it?
  12. Anybody UP for a wheels DOWN party?

    Not quite sure when......tyres are going to be the hold up!
  13. OK, Worth is getting the body, and will hold it at his secret compound on the Cape.

    So! We need to set a date. Gotta be a Sat, mid-day.October.

    I'm good the whole month. You guys put your dates.

    Chelle - come East!!!!
    Pak - Wake up! No Farberware
    RealMongo - You too!

    Big Blue - At the Ferry?
  14. So far my schedule only goes to Sat Oct 7 (i'm off), but if we hurry and set the date (if it's later in the month) I CAN schedule myself OFF! But I need to know A.S.A.P.!!!

    Then, it's just a matter of me catching the 8 o'clock (a.m.) boat over!:nice:
  15. Someone contact Pak, Oct 7 can be?
  16. Dan, did you square away Alex with a payment option? I can check it out Monday, he'll be home all day.
  17. my PM-ing doesn't work...every time I go into it my computer freezes up....:(
  18. W/E,

    I can get you the $$, and have you pay upon recipt of the body. Just tell me when you are going, so I can Fed EX you the dinero.
  19. Your call, I can go any night, I have to run up to Raynham to check a job and was waiting for you so I could do them both at once. I'd like to do it asap. My 65 needs a good run:D

  20. I'm still living out here by Seattle in Washington State (has it really been 18 months already?) but I am hoping to drive back home early next month. I plan on shipping the Mustang home ahead of time to my sister's in NY.