Planning Closet reunion - Early Fall, near Cape Cod

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  1. WOO HOO!!!

    I'm off tonight, so I can get a good night's sleep; My alarm clock is all set for the a.m.; 8 a.m. Sea-Jet to New London and I am soooooooo there!:banana:

    Is someone bringing a camera...(sounds like a good job for Deanna)..? If so, shouldn't we have those fake eye glasses/nose/mustache deals so no one will be able to positively ID us..?:scratch:

    Ooooops.....forgot, Dan and WORTH are already there........!:lol:

    [Tune of Hi-ho the dairy-O] Amok-ing we will go, amok-ing we will go, hide your wives and children, amok-ing we will go..! [/Tune of Hi-ho the dairy-O]

    :spot::banana::spot::banana::spot::banana::spot: :banana::spot:
  2. I'll bring my camera and I'm sure dad'll have his.

    Mine is set for 4:30 ... :nonono:
  3. BBFCM,

    We'll again meet at the ticket office at the dock in New London?

    We can have minor Amok-ness in New London.....
  4. :hail2:

    very minor, as we'll have a minor with us.

    It just came to me......if she dug coal in Turkey, she'd be an Asian Minor minor miner!:lol:

    ok Fuzzy, time for a nap!

  5. Rim Shot please!:rlaugh:
  6. Hmm, I doubt this, but does Worth, (Since we're going to his house) have a PS2 by any chance? I wanna bring up My Mustang game, so I can show everyone the grafics, and everyone can race around in their own car.

    If you thought dad's driving wasn't up to par, you should see him on the game... And he tells me my breaking is too late...
  7. 13.896 more hours until we hit the road.....

  8. Sorry, no PS2, but Wicked has had PMS is that close enough?:shrug:
  9. Hey, i doubt i will talk to ya'll before you head out, so be safe and good luck, we will look forward to pictures when you get back. Dont have to much fun amok-ing!!! :SNSign:
  10. Too much fun, like too much money, there ain't no such thing..........:nono:

  11. 2003 Mach 1
    1967 Coupe, Roller 5.0
    13.8 timeslip in the mach 1...bone stock and only second time down the track ever :D
  12. :damnit: You guys are all on the wrong side of the continent! :damnit: :damnit: :damnit:
  13. Don't blame us! Every major US airline flies to NY, you could've hopped a Southwest flight to Islip-MacArthur, Limo-ed to my house and jumped the ferry with me, BUT NO, you'd rather remain a desert rat and complain 'cause we're having MORE fun than you!:nono:

    ON THAT NOTE FOLKS....: I'm off AMOK-ing my way to the ferry to meet up with Chepsk8 and M-Gurl, who by now should be half-way across CT!

  14. I have no idea what happened, but I made the turn fine in the 65, but Cheapsk8 and Pakrat were running close and I think Stanger had a flashback and screamed, next thing I knew there was a 5 car pileup in my driveway.:rolleyes:
  15. Flashback my a$$:nono:
    You'd scream too if you rode shotgun with Chepsk8 and saw a guard rail right in front of you!!:eek:
    and poor Deanna...:nonono: It's gonna take awhile to get that smell outta the trucks upholstery.............:puke:

    I'll post more later, first I've got a pair of BVDs to burn...........:(
  16. someone never explained how im a rabid leg humper
  17. Yeah, truely a fine day indeed. Seems both Chepsk8 and myself ran into unexpected delays along the way even from opposite directions but I managed to cover the 150 +/- miles to factoy five in just under 2 hours bringing me in about 20 mins late and Chepsk8 and crew pulled in about 10 mins later. We were there what, like 2 1/2 hours maybe at least.

    Then we headed over to Worth's secret compund in the Cape. Any wrench turner would give their left one to have some of the equipment this guy has at his disposal, you could carve yourself a mustang out of a block of steal if you had to. His most prized possesion has to be the lovely Mrs. Worth though, damn that women can cook up some serious grub for a bunch of hungry Mustang fanatics tearing through her house like they owned the joint. We had killer chili, unbelievable sandwiches, beer, desert, I'm still smacking my lips this morning.

    BTW 65fastback2+2, I got to have the beautiful, talented and oh so charming Ms. Deanna ride shot gun with me from FFR to Worth's so you can just go swallow your foot and bang your head Mister!!!!!!:bang: She has grown up to be one serious heart breaker let me tell you. You best watch that one Dan, you struck gold with this kid, she's just plain ole awesome no two ways about it. View attachment 434950
  18. Oh sure, you let the cat out of the bag, I was gonna help Dan out by telling 65 she was fat and ugly and had not talent:D Now he's gonna have to lock her in the cellar thanks to you:nonono:

    PS. Dan I can whip up a chastity belt on the milling machine if you want.:D
  19. so im a leg humper for no reason, then how is pak not a old pervert lol
  20. I don't think Dan will have much to worry about. If her 1/2 dozen or so "Internet Dads" don't scare off the RLHes, Methinks Deanna will make very short work of them...:lol:

    btw, WORTH - the first truckload of my stuff should be there today, so if you wouldn't mind clearing that rusty ol' '66 off of the lift so sally will have a place to sleep...............;) and Thanx again to your lovely wife for putting up with us and feeding us that awesome lunch! I was still full so I ended up skipping dinner last night! :nice:

    Pak - We forgot to distract him so you could ****** that convertible arm and I could grab the rally pac......:doh:

    Deanna - Did you get the circulation back into your legs? I never would've thought you'd fit into that tiny cubby hole your Dad crammed you into in New Bedford.:nonono:

    Dan - Ummmmm, got nothing.:shrug: But I figured I mention everyone else, I should address the instigator, errrrrr......I mean ring leader, ummmmm, maybe no.......The guard rail gasher, ehhhhhhh..........The cause de celebre for the entire venture!:hail2: