Planning Closet reunion - Early Fall, near Cape Cod

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  1. There is a reason we call you a rabid leg humper, maybe you should go back and reread some of your more obnoxious posts, then maybe you just might figure it out before you turn 20 or we're forced to put you to sleep, which ever comes first!:nono:
  2. Hmmm let's see, well for one I'm not old, two I know how to treat people with respect and three I only have eyes for my own lovely Deanna, but I'm not the one who needs to defend myslef. I'm sure Mustanggurl will whole heartedly agree that I 'm nothing short of a perfect gentlemen. We had a great conversation and learned that in addition to having the same interests and background in art that we both shared the same low opinion of you, like I said, she's a smart one. Once the back of your ears dry up though you'll figure that stuff out for yourself.:D

    Fritz, what's up with the ********? I can't fit a swear word into that sentence so you must have tried to type [email protected]???????:lol:
  3. Yes Pak, I typed "$ n a t c h that convertible arm", forgetting that was a taboo word.:shrug:
  4. So i'm pretty excited to hear how the weekend went.
  5. So are we!!!
  6. I'll tell you why.

    1. He's not old...
    2. He's not a pervert
    3. He's got a lot of things in common with me that I didn't even figure such as the drawings, music, etc.
    4. He's awesome.
    5. Dude, just drop it... :nonono: :Zip2:
  7. Yes I did. But I still wonder how I fit in there for an hour and a quarter...:scratch:
  8. Where's the pic's? Post the pic's! We want pic's!!!!!!!!


    Glad you and dad and Cobrask8-2 made it back all in one piece! What time did ya get in, like 10:30ish?

    Oh yeah PS: post the pics!!!!!!!:D

  9. Psssssst, fritz, you were there buddy, just FYI big guy.

  10. haha, im just messing with the old guys....dont take any of it seriously

  11. obnoxious? im just trying to join in with the amoking...

    btw, it looks like you wont be putting me to sleep as im 21...
  12. Pics!!!

    Damn, that was a fun time!

    I cannot tell everyone here how much fun we had all meeting together for the first time. I have met Pak & BBFCM on separate occasions, but this was a first getting everyone together at the same time.

    For me, of course, the main purpose was to get the new body and parts to repair the Cobra (Crunchsk8), which I did, and am already working on the car.

    Definitely great times. Worth, your wife cooked up a FEAST!!! Man, that was good food! Guys, magic times. Thanks for all being there.

    To everyone who has been following this thread, it was a special day, you should do this in other areas of the country, meet your friends here from this site.

    And yes, some pics...

    The crew at Factory Five Racing...

    View attachment 434850

    My Cobra's New Body, which WORTH did a HUGE favor by getting for me a few weeks earlier...

    View attachment 434852

    The Crew in Worth's top-Secret compound, re-creating Deanna's picture...

    View attachment 434854

    Bonus Points to Non-event members: Identify the characters by thier screen names in the pic above....:rolleyes:

  13. Mustanggrl left
    Worth center
    65stanger top middle
    Pakrat right
    Chepsk8 bottom
  14. Ding ding ding!

    You win the Rallye Pak BBFCM stole from Worth!
  15. That looks like a good time, but i have to admit y'all look like it was a little cold up there. It was almost 100 this weekend here.


    I love the amok-ing picture :hail2:

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  16. WOOHOO! supposed to sell it back to worth for $285 right?
  17. Pssst, CRS isn't THAT bad yet! I was refering to his weekend with Jamie!:rolleyes:
  18. i see Rich was wearing his t-shirt and Deanna is doing the devil horns in the pic

    rock on!!!!!
  19. I'll go load up the actual pic I drew and post it.