Planning Closet reunion - Early Fall, near Cape Cod

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  1. ...and a rawhide chewy toy?
  2. I'll leave the window open so you can get some air...
  3. Only if I can stick my head out!:D
  4. The good news is I bought the Cobra, the bad news is those damn bodies Fly at 85mph..................

    Does anyone have some model cement???:D

    I have images if you have an email addy:D

    Warning images may be unsuitable for some audiences.:SNSign:
  5. Oh the horror of it!:eek:

    Why is it, like an accident on the highway, the more gruesome it is the more difficult it is to tear your eyes away...???:eek:

    btw....if you can't get the model cement, try crazy glue!:nice:
  6. I didn't realize how light those bodies were, I took the slow road home, I was afraid it would take off If I took it over 45:D
  7. All the more reason to stuff a 427 under the hood, you need the weight to keep your wheels on the ground........that's why Dan lost it in turn 9, that dinky 5.0L wasn't heavy enough to keep his wheels in contact with the pavement...!:nice:
  8. Yeesh! My old two-horse Circle J weighs more than that -empty! The three horses together have right about 3400 pounds. Then there's all the tack, feed (extended trips), and water -Tink's horse will only drink pure :p water drawn from a well on the mesa overlooking Somerton, Arizona :rolleyes:

    I thnk I'll keep the full-size.

    Ol' R/C flyers' trick (the flyers are old, not the trick): Get some polyurethane-based adhesive like Gorilla Glue :nice: Jig up the ruptured area, wet it down and apply the adhesive. When the goo hits the water, it bubbles up and cures muy pronto! The bubbles will fill any voids (missing chunks) and they sand down almost as easily as the surrounding fiberglass :p If any "new seams" stick out too much; we'll just start calling her Frankensk8! :rlaugh:
  9. Ya, but Dan doesn't need to take a shovel along when he trailers Cobrask8!:lol:
  10. Only superglue (and maybe a welder) :rlaugh:
  11. Worth,

    Great job fixing the bod! Here's what it's replacing.....


    Enjoying the run & barbs guys! A VERY BIG thank you to Worth for getting the body.

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  12. Y'know.....with some Liquid Nails, a turkey baster, nasal spray, a mohair sweater, and 27 (maybe 32) paperclips; I could fix that!

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  13. Mohair sweater? What are you, McGuyver in drag?:lol:
  14. I was gonna say 29 paperclips.
    AND.....You forgot the duct tape, nail polish remover, bubble gum and baling wire......we could have her looking (almost) good as new in two - three days!:nice:
  15. Man, the poor girl is alomst as cracked as Dan is. Gonna take a little more than paper clips to fix him.
  16. I'm permanently cracked. The car can be fixed.
  17. Mine looks better than that, and I'll sell it cheap:D
  18. I know a place you can list it too!
  19. Who said anything about trying to fix Dan?:scratch:
  20. Hey Dan, what you doing with the old body? I think I can glue that back together. Not a bad looking place to put my 460:D