Planning Closet reunion - Early Fall, near Cape Cod

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  1. No, you Big Dummy! You grab a bunch of the hairs off the sweater to use in place of the 'glass strands! :doh:
    If you use the hairs off the sweater, you won't need the the duct tape and that many paperclips. That many paperclips would tend to offset the balance to the left-side; and bubblegum that close to the radiator??? It'll just harden up and fall off! Baling wire would just look tacky; but, you could use the polypropylene baling twine in place of the mohair.......

    Now, the nail polish remover is a good idea for getting the Liquid Nails off your fingers :nice:
    :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice:
  2. 15 Days

    OK gang, not yet last call, but we are getting closer.

    We'll work on a schedule next week. I'm alreadyt set at Factory Five in the Morning.

    Any other members want to join? C'mon 'Chelle, a quick weekend trip East! See the Cape, NYC, and more!
  3. I'd love to, but I can't make it that weekend, don't have the money for gas.:D
  4. I'll eat a BIG plate of frank'n'beans the night before, then I'll have plenty of gas for everyone!:nice:

    :doh:you mean you spent ALL that $$$ that Dan sent you!:eek:
  6. And I know of a '65 p/u chassis on the Cape that would look HOT dressed out as a cobra! Rally Pac, Granada rims etal.........:nono:
  7. Didn't I just post that somewhere?????
  8. That's because this is another inter-thread piracy known as a "Cross-Hijacking":D
  9. Just as long as you are not Cross-Dressing!:lol:
  10. BBFCMs DO NOT wear clothes, it irritates our fuzz!:rolleyes:
  11. Maybe on the outside, big guy.......But what's underneath?:jaw:
  12. Same as everyone
  13. Hmm, I seem to remember you being a tad hairless at one point, in fact I'm certain I still have some pics stashed away somewhere in zip files.:rolleyes:
  14. Ever hear the tale about "The Emperor's New Clothes"....???:shrug:
  15. :spot:amok:spot:amok:spot:amok:spot:
  16. :chair: :uzi: :flame: :dead: To the "Amokers".....
  17. WHY are you beating yourself up???:scratch:
  18. It's fun?
  19. Sure it is but you can go blind that way without moderation.:rlaugh:

    Oops, I missed the "up" part at the end of the sentance.

  20. :fuss: