Planning Closet reunion - Early Fall, near Cape Cod

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  1. Er, I don't like the little motion that guy is making with his hand Dan! He should be smiling when he does that.
  2. You have alot of experience, eh?:lol:

    (just HAD to reply as such!!!!! Sorry!)
  3. Me???? I'm not the one that has gone blind and can't see the curve in the road up ahead.:rlaugh:

    Sorry, I had to also.
  4. But it sure was fun getting there!
  5. I've said this in the past but I’m going to emphasize it a little more here; You guys are crazy. Now with that out in the air, I wish I could make it to this reunion, because if yall are this out of control online I can only imagine what you nuts would be like in real life, especially with a little fire water in ur system.
  6. Cape Cod next Saturday! Be there!:nice:

    Even crazier is that I am bringing my daughter to meet everybody, and I have trusted one of these nut-cases with a LARGE quantity of cash! I have met both Pak & BBFCM before, both great in person. :rolleyes: This will be the first time they meet. I am really looking forwards to that event! And, We are having lunch at Worth's so even more adventures ahead.
  7. Start address: Wichita, KS
    End address: Marshfield, MA
    Distance: 1,721 mi (about 1 day 6 hours)
  8. OK, leave Thurs Morning to give yourself time for breaks & Gas....

    Since you're near 'Chelle, pick her up too!
  9. I would have to skip work, and class, and talk jamie into comming with me. But man how sweet would that be 1967 vert on the trailer, going down the interstate in the f150 with two mustang girls in the truck with me. WOOOO!
  10. I think that even if I flew the Cessna, it would take me four long days!
  11. Not to mention a tour in Worths Magic bus! :nice:
  12. The majicbus is history, it got converted into a work van, then decomissioned a few months ago. Now it's just waiting to be stripped, has a nice 460 in her with a C-6:D
  13. Ready to go....

    How could we forget????

    Just got off the phone with Factory Five, they have all my parts, so I'm good to go.:nice:

    Now we just need to set up a time schedule. I know I am picking up Fritz areound 9 AM down in New London, and should hit FFR around 10 or so. Pak, your schedule? Worth, do you want to meet us at FFR, or should we come to your place after?
  14. Actually I've never been over there I may want to check it out, so I'll probubly meet you there, then you can follow me back. Should I drive the Cobra? Let me know cause it's gonna need a little work if I'm driving it :D
  15. Just imagine the Flintstones car.... Grab the body with both hands, and move dem feet.......:lol:
  16. :spot:amok:spot:amok:spot:amok:spot:

    oh boy oh boy ohboyoboyoboyo!!!:SNSign: :banana:
  17. FFR at 10 it is!
  18. Sounds like FFR at 10!

    This should definitely send the sane worl spinning off into a cosmic derailment!

    Worth, Lunch plans? Your secret compound, or a local eatery? I will have Deanna/Mustanggurl, who's not yet legal inbibing age yet.
  19. And that stopped you or any of us in our younger life?

    (J/K) I forget she reads these things too sometimes.:rolleyes:

    I'll pack some Birch beer or O'Douls!
  20. Does this mean that Deanna is the detonated, errrrrr........, I mean DESIGNATED driver after lunch?:eek:

    I just might have to have a Sammies or two.................

    If we're lunching at WORTH's secret compound, do we need to know a secret password, handshake or something to get in???:scratch:

    And what about the black helicopters...?