Planning Closet reunion - Early Fall, near Cape Cod

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  1. BDT - I don't blame you for not coming along and bringing st Jamie. One look at the Closet / Gutter Crew Chippendales (Chepsk8, Pakrat, WORTH and myself, the BBFCM) and she would immediately forget you ever even existed!:rlaugh:

    sorry. I tried to say that with a straight face, but I just couldn't...:nonono:
  2. Remind me to keep her far far away from N.E. :nice:
  3. That's right, BDT; keep her away from those guys..... we Western Men are much more "gentleman-ly" :D

    bnickel: I think I missed the "Texas hill country" during my whirlwind 22-hour tour of Texas (almost never more than 4 miles from I-10) back in February - unless it was during that "10-1/2 hours of darkness" period between the New Mexico border and just west of San Antonio with Cowgirl Tink :shrug: The area between Houston and the Livingston/Jasper area and going into Lousiana) was kinda pretty - if you like swamps! And my previous trip through Texas (going across the panhandle on I-40 when I was 10) was all pretty much flat and obscured by a dust storm - almost as thick as a Southern Arizona dust storm! :p
    Yeahyeahyeah...... I'll tell you what; this winter, when Sally is just an unrecognizable lump under a tarp and 4' of snow; I'll keep you motivated with pix of whatever Jessie and I are doing to the XR-7 :D

    EDIT: I fogot one thing!
    Dude! You look like: "ZZ Top goes golfing" :rlaugh:
  4. Let's just hope for my sake that's not after too many libations and I'm bending over to tie my shoe.

    Nuttin but love Brother!:nice:

    Tick tock tick tock, the countdown begins!

  5. Is the Farberware locked up securely?:rolleyes:
  6. Same ole Dan, same ole jokes. Leave it to you to bring a dull knife to a gun fight.:D

    Much like yourself, this could take a TURN for the worse if you aren't careful.
  7. Ya Dan, that's a RIGHT in Albuquerque and a LEFT in New London!
  8. do i need to come so deanna has someone whose not an old horny guy....someone more her age :D....with 2 mustangs now hehe....STD will approve of it cuz im a texas gentleman :D

    dan, what more could you want for your daughter than to fall in love with a guy who has already started a mustang collection???
  9. When she gets ready to go to school, i will be sure to send her a Friends University flyer. We got lots of gentlemen down here. I got a couple friends that would love to land a nice mustang girl.

  10. thats only if we dont work out first....ive got first dibs on her
  11. I suppose i should call this before it gets out of hand. But one thing is for sure :worthlesb

  12. Eeeehhhh, I thawt that was a left toin at Alberquerque doc?

  13. Actually, I've got my sights set on Millerville University here in PA. Hopeful that I'll get into their Meteorology program and ride the happy train to being a Severe Storm Specialist, working for NOAA. (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Assosiation.)

    Maybe then I'll be able to afford a classic pony for myself. There's a beautiful '69 like Pak's but solid Blue, no stripe, and a white top. I'll try to get a pic of her.

    BDT and 65fastback2+2, heh good luck. I'm sure Uncle BBFCM and my childhood hero Speed, I mean Pak, will be all the defence I need!

    He can bring the spoiler! That's taken out a squirrel, a possum, and a few curbs, along with turn nine...

    Progress on the picture is good! Dad and I are drawn, BBFCM, Pak and Worth are sketched. :D
  14. One who's NOT a rabid leg humper..!!!:nono:
    WTF do I know..??? That's why I'm NOT driving..!!!:shrug:

    now where did I leave my blindfold?:scratch:

  15. im still curious as to how i resemble that remark?
  16. Uhm guys, bad news, I can't make it. I was fighting in my kitchen last night and got a fuscilli Jerry stuck in my pooper. Million to one shot doc, million to one.

    Sike! See, I can bust on myself too even though it is way more fun to bust on you guys. I actually encased myself in bubble wrap all day and night yesterday just to make sure I stayed in one piece and I slept in a box full of packing peanuts.

    I'll be hitting the road in exactly 24hrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. BBFCM, I can bring a helmet for you if you wish......

    Egads, they're competeing for my daughter! Get those portfolio's ready!

    We will get a group pic of us, this should be something!

    One day......
  18. Here's Chepsk8 & Pak in April 2004 bring home the newly born Cobrask8 on the first reunion attempt, p2.....

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    And one of this trip's objectives, bring home this new body currently stashed at Worth's secret compound...


    All of this because I have an aversion to Turn 9 at Watkins Glen...


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  19. Will you also encase your jeep on the way down?
  20. Probably not necessary since we are coming from totally different directions. Just don't try to park too close to me and I should be fine.:rolleyes:

    Just in case I'm bringing the wifes Dakota instead as it is already a little bruised.