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  1. Hey everybody. So last year I bought myself a 95 mustang get with:
    Gt40 heads, explorer upper and lower intake
    Proform aluminum 1.6 roller rockers
    Explorer throttle body (65mm)
    Shorty headers
    Bbk o/r x-pipe
    Flowmaster catback
    Smog and egr delete
    Ford racing 3.73 gears
    Hurst shifter ( car has a standard tranny)
    Ford racing valve covers
    Subframe connectors and suspension around the whole car.
    The only thing I've done since I bought it is a Bama sct-4 bank eliminator chip.
    Ive been to the drag strip and, using drag radials, my best is a [email protected] and I've been getting pretty consistent numbers right around 14.0.
    Now the question that haunts us all... how do I make her faster?? The need for speed strikes again haha.
    I've been thinking a cam or maybe some nitrous, 75 shot. For cams I've been looking at the steeda 19 cam since they don't affect drivability. And since winter is approaching it'd be a great time to tear the engine apart. But extra opinions are always helpful. I've got a $1000 max budget and I'd like to drop a few tenths off the 1/4 mile without loosing my drivability or butchering my mpg.... so the question is, what should i do next?
  2. Well.... With a thousand bucks I guess N2O2 would be the most "bang for buck" initally until you start refilling the bottle over and over. Do you have upgraded rear control arms they'd help w your launch and might shave a lil time off. I'm waiting for someone else to chime in bout the cam, I'm not sure how much time itd knock off w gt40's but it wouldn't be near the hp gain of a shot of nitrous. You could port your lower intake mani or have somone do it. tmoss porting does alot of e7 a d gt40 manifolds itll run you bout $200. Really a better set of heads or forced induction is what stangs are lacking to get em to run a "respectable" time. I'm not ragging on your ride I'm in your boat as well, maybe a tad slower
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  3. 75 shot is baby stuff....
  4. i say lose the bama chip, and pick up a big shot nitrous kit jetted for 150. Ass in a 255 lph fuel pump, and go knoc of some 11 second et's
  5. I think this winter might be a car fresh up and just save some cash for bigger stuff next year. I think my best plan right now migh be driver practice. Or maybe a smaller soot of nitrous since is a daily driver in summer and can't afford a total motor or tranny build to handle a big shot
  6. That's a pretty smart plan. You can nickel-and-dime your way through $1k pretty easily and have added nothing but a little bling and a few tenths if you're lucky. If your long-term goal is speed, save up the funds to do something like H-C-I or forced induction which will really put a smile on your face and have you running respectably against the Coyotes.
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  7. Speed aint cheap! You can typically only have two of the following, you choose...

    1. Cheap
    2. Fast
    3. Reliable
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