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  1. I have been debating on how/IF I would mod my Stang. No before everyone starts jumping in about the whole warrenty issue, thats been thought of and is the EXACT reason IF is in Bold print.

    I am curious about some ideas and order some others might tweak the new '05, warrenty aside. Here is the order I'm thinking of going.

    * First off, I plan to pick it up fully-loaded, minus the auto tranny, to include the Shaker Audiophile 1000 system.

    * THe next thing would be to get those stripes to run the length of the car, as seen on the Auto-Show circuit. That car just looked way to sweet not to be staring at me when I open the garage door!!! :nice:

    * Change out the intake and exhaust. Not really to keen on that bend in the intake as I think it would be quite restrictive. Prob going to go with a fender CAI system here. One thing that concerns me is how that might affect the active charge motion control valve system. Any advise???? :shrug: As far as pushing the air out the back, a nice "X" cross-over CAT-back should fit the bill.

    * Possiably upgrade the fuel-pump to push a higher PSI to the injectors.

    Thats what I have decided so far. I know its not a lot but until I see the car for myself, its still a hard call.
  2. I am all for enthusiasm, but shouldn't you wait until they start making them to see what the weak spots will be? Also, unless you start fabricating you own parts, you are going to have to waint until the companies come out with parts for you anyway.

    That being said, everything you talk about is pretty basic i/e stuff, but you completely forgot the suspension. I would also look into chassis stiffening, shocks and springs, plus some rims/tires and possibly sways and even a clutch. Sometimes it is easier to put the power down than make more of it.

    Now, on your fuel system upgrade, I am not sure why you would want to do that unless you are prepping for FI or something. I would imagine better management and some dyno tuning would be your first step to get the A/F is optimum.

    Also, try the regular 4.6 (or Mach1) boards for upgrades there. While the motor is new, the standard upgrade paths will probably be the same.
  3. I also applaud your enthusiasm, but you got ballz for taking a brand new car and painting stripes on it, or anything for that matter. I would think long and hard about that one. As far as performance upgrades, I'm with the other guy - we'll just have to see what Ford gives us from the get go. Lately, Ford has been making pretty good factory mufflers. Except on a supercharged car, your probably only going to get increased noise with the aftermarket stuff. The main restriction is the catalytic h-pipe - just put in a high-flow one from Bassani or that company Andretti owns(the name escpaces me) and call it a day. The manifolds look to be fairly efficient from the photos. Rear gears and then see what can be done about the airbox, but wait for proven results on that one.

    It should be a great starting point at 300 hp and everything else. I can't wait to see how well those 3V heads respond to porting. :D
  4. Umm, all I can keep thinking about is "Supercharger"! As if 300hp was not enough.
  5. I'm glad ya'll like my enthusiasm. Being deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, it has just been a way to kill time once in a while, not to mention a stress release by getting my mind off of the daily ops tempo. I agree with first seeing what Ford brings to market. Like most of us, I'm beyond excitement to find out if the technology put into this car is up to the hype.

    If I could have it done by the dealerships own paintshop, were's the risk? I also might (prob will) wait for the '06s to see if a mod comes out with factory stripes, such as a GT350 or something. PLEASE FORD...HEAR MY PRAYERS!!!!! LMAO

    Now the reason I didn't get into suspension/chassis/clutch upgrades in my plans is because of a few reasons. The new chassis is supposedly 31% stronger the previous models. I read on MODern ENGINEuity that 15,500 ft-lbs of twisting force only tweaked the cars frame a single degree. Not sure there is much room for improvement on that one. The front suspension is now a coil-over-strut design, which is already a huge improvement for linear operation. Only thing I could see here is to swap out the MacPhearsons for some aftermarket. Not sure who would be a good replacement in this zone. And as far as the clutch goes, I have never owed a manual before and am EXTREMELY gun-shy on messing with them at all. At least until I learn more about the nitnoids of them.

    Keep the info coming. Will catch up with ya'll later.
  6. Stripes as a factory option would be nice for those who like them. Have them under the factory clearcoat and all. I just meant that I wouldn't let anyone paint on my brand new car, but I'm a bit conservative.
  7. Federal Warranty Laws
    1.The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (15 U.S.C. 2302(C))

    This federal law regulates warranties for the protection of consumers. The essence of the law concerning aftermarket auto parts is that a vehicle manufacturer may not condition a written or implied warranty on the consumers using parts or services which are identified by brand, trade, or corporate name (such as the vehicle maker's brand) unless the parts or service are provided free of charge. The law means that the use of an aftermarket part alone is not cause for denying the warranty. However, the law's protection does not extend to aftermarket parts in situations where such parts actually caused the damage being claimed under the warranty. Further, consumers are advised to be aware of any specific terms or conditions stated in the warranty which may result in its being voided. The law states in relevant part:

    “No warrantor of a consumer product may condition his written or implied warranty of such product on the consumers using, in connection with such product, any article or service (other than article or service provided without charge under the terms of the warranty) which is identified by brand, trade or corporate name...” (15 U.S.C. 2302(C)).


    2. Clean Air Act Warranty Provisions (42 U.S.C. S 7541 (C) (3) (B))

    The federal Clean Air Act requires vehicle makers to provide two emissions-related warranties -- a production warranty and a performance warranty. The production warranty requires the vehicle maker to warrant that the vehicle is designed, built and equipped so that it conforms with emissions requirements at the time of sale. The performance warranty requires the vehicle maker to warrant that the vehicle will comply with applicable emissions requirements as tested under state vehicle emissions inspection programs for the warranty periods specified in the law (for model year 1995 and later vehicles, the warranty is 2 years/24,000 miles for all emissions-related parts and 8 years/80,000 miles for the catalytic converter, electronic emissions control unit and on-board diagnostic device). The performance warranty is conditioned on the vehicle being properly maintained and operated.

    Like the Magnuson-Moss Act, vehicle manufacturers may not refuse warranty repairs under the Clean Air Acts performance and defect warranties merely because aftermarket parts have been installed on the vehicle. The only circumstance under which the vehicle manufacturer can void the emissions warranties is if an aftermarket part is responsible for (causes) the warranty claim.


    .....and YES, I did have to bring this up before when taking my car to Ford for a warranty service.
  8. Thanks for serving my Country Sargeant! I think everyone that serves in active duty should arrive home with a new Limited-Edition Cobra of their choice, in your choice of color, with your choice of options. Every color choice should be exclusive to those who've served and return safely.
  9. Like the way this man thinks!!!!

    You are more then welcome 00grnsixer, but realize that it is a two-way street. I don't think the average American realizes just how much they contribute to our country's success. It is true that a nation needs to be defended, and we WILL find, capture and/or kill all with ill intentions against our great nation. It is my vow to all Americans that their freedoms will be protected, at all cost, and nothing will successfully threaten that. NOT ON MY WATCH!!!!

    But like I was saying before, it is a two-way street. You are the ones keeping the country on track in our absence. You contribute to your communities and towns by coaching softball or being active in the education of our children. You pray for us in your house of worship and these prayers are not going unanswered. I have seen troops survive wounds that baffle medical knowledge. A humvee hit a mine and was flipped onto its roof a few days ago at my location. To everyone's astonishment, not a single scratch was on any one of the three troops inside. That is a prime example of your prayers protecting us. Thank you. Our economy is stronger then any other countries, and you are the ones maintaining that. You pay taxes, which in-turn, pays my salary on the 1st and 15th of each month that enables my family to pay bills and have food on the table while I'm away. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for supporting us and our families. You say thank you to me and my brothers over here and again your welcome. At the same time, ALL AMERICANS need to know our efforts would be in vain without them doing their part. I speak for myself along with 7 of my brothers who have read your post 00grnsixer, THANK YOU. :flag:

    Tech Sergeant Ryan Nix, 455 EOG, USAF :flag:
    Senior Airman Terri Sizer, 455 EOG, USAF :flag:
    Senior Airman Kurt Rission, 455 EOG, USAF :flag:
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    Tech Sergeant Shawn Carbine, 455 EOG, USAF :flag:
    Airman First Class Patrica Yates, 455 EOG, USAF :flag:
    and myself Staff Sergeant Kevin Stasik, 455 EOG, USAF :flag:

    PS. The color choices are Red, Red, White, Blue, Black, Black, Blue, Silver w/ white stripes. LOL