Plasti Dip Wheels

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  1. Need to touch them up this winter

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  2. How many coats of vintage gold did you use and did you use a base coat, like black or gray?
  3. No base coat. It was between 5-6 coats, then 2 coats of glossifier. You don't need the base since the coverage is great, but if you want to save a few bucks and only do the last 3 coats of vintage gold then it would still work.

    However, with the cobras, I was able to get the 5-6 coats on all 4 wheels with just two rattle cans worth.
  4. Here are a few pics of the wheels with glossifier.



    And the anthracite with glossifier


  5. They look really good.
  6. Great! Thanks for the pics, looks awesome!
  7. Hmmmm....wonders what me fr500s would look like gold...
  8. Bling bling
  9. 35$ shipped to your door for 4 cans from If it looks like crap it was only 35$
  10. Gonna do a photo shop request first
  11. Going to spray my prostar skinnys today, but gonna have to do it inside. It's 25 degrees in the garage. Sure my wife is gonna love this... Lol..
  12. Make sure you use a respirator and vent wherever you are doing this. The fumes are no joke when it comes to PD.
  13. Ok, maybe I will not do it inside.. Maybe I will turn the heat in the garage on. Was gonna do it in my basement, sounds like a bad idea
  14. Put it this way. You would be sleeping on the couch for a while.

    Hell, i did mine in my garage and the fumes STILL got into the house.
  15. My garage is 2 miles up the road, I hope it doesn't make it all way home. :)... Is this stuff supposed to spray like spray paint? It didn't, I think the 30* temp caused it to spray funny. The wheels look ok after they dried but I tried to put another coat on and it shot out in more of a stream than it did earlier.
  16. You should warm the cans first. Try sticking them into a pot of boiling water for about 5mins before you start spraying.
  17. I brought the wheels and plasti dip home to warm them up. Was gonna paint outside instead of in the basement after everything warmed up. Do you think taking the wheels outside after they are warm from being in the house will cause them to sweat?
  18. I can't say for sure. I did the anthracite in my garage with a plug in heater hooked up within 3 feet of the wheels.
  19. Having the plasti dip warm makes a huge difference, and taking the wheels outside didn't seem to affect them.
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