Plasti Dip

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  1. This is very interesting....
  2. Hrmm this is really cool, it makes me want to

  3. Red huh...I wonder if this stuff could hold up to the heat if you sprayed the calipers?

    And im going to be doing my wheels in the black when I get a free wknd:D
  4. How well does this stuff hold up? Is it safe to go thru a car was with? I can understand if you curb check the rim it'll peel it off, but what about freeways and streets if by some slim chance a rock kicks up and hits will it hold up? Thinkin bout doing my stocks for a new look and looks like this will be easier and better than paint.
  5. It's max temp rating is 200 deg. I wouldn't use it on calipers.
  6. People have taken pressure washers to plasti dipped wheels with no effects. Seems pretty resilient.
  7. It goes on like basically any other rattle can paint. First thing I thought when I sprayed the first line was "damn, this was a bad idea". But... once it cures and will come off, I don't feel that way anymore... lol.

    This was two light coats. I think 3-4 are needed to get an even finish (easy to see where it's uneven). Further disclaimer, I've never "painted" a car before. Just done trim, tailights, etc. So my work is going to be crappy without more practice regardless. Gas door came out great and it had 3 fairly thick coats.

    I haven't had a chance to do any more, as it was dark when I stopped and it was too windy today to do the other coats.



  8. Your GT is soo nice.:drool:

    What size rims are you running btw?
  9. I will have to say like always, car looks great espeically for the miles! Def. a car I always enjoy to look at!:nice: Simple and clean

  10. +1. Love that car.

    Reminds me of your car, too. Simple, clean, sneaky, and FAST! Perfect. :nice:
  11. Looks good BR :nice:
  12. I dig it burning :nice:

    I checked advanced auto for it today but they don't carry it....maybe ill check autozone..

    My paint looks like chit right now from having to dd the car for a long seriously tempted to spray the whole car as a temporary thing until I really paint it...matte black with matte black fr500 spokes would be sex
  13. Thanks man, I appreciate that.

    They are 17x8 (off an '04 GT) up front and 17x10.5 in the back.

    Yeah, that looks awesome. How many coats did you do?

    Thank you... and yeah, it definitely isn't getting any younger... lol.

    Gracias mang...:nice:

    :nice: thanks.


    I picked mine up from Lowe's. The company's website shows NAPA carrying it, but I don't remember seeing anything about Advance or Autozone. Lowes, Home Depot and NAPA are the most common places you'll find it. I believe Ace Hardware stores stock it as well.

    That'd be sick to do the whole car. I'm going to do the pillars and sail panels, quite possibly tomorrow (well, today) if the weather cooperates.

    yes... that's pretty sick.
  14. Autozone wont carry it either. It isn't an automotive-related product. You need to go to a home improvement store.
  15. Hmmmmm, I am intrigued. I might have to paint my track wheels just to see what the hype is all about. Or, I might try to convince one of my employees to let me do his wheels. Haha! I can see where this stuff would be pretty practical in other applications as well.
  16. Yeah. Just go to home depot. That's were I bought it. And its weird cause in the bottle it also says it works for automotive.
  17. I wonder how it would look if you sprayed it on the inside of the windows over those stupid black dots that mess the tint up
  18. Hmm.... I'm thinking about doing my Bullitt wheels but not sure how it would look against the Dark Highland Green... Very tempting though. How much is this stuff? What sizes does it come in?