Plasti Dip

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  1. The spray cans are around $5.50 each
    Get two cans
  2. Besides being illegal and having a 0% rating, it would look like you spray painted the window black.
  3. They are only like 4 inches tall, I dont need to see out that part
  4. how does this stuff react with rust? Im assuming it would cover it but only make it worse underneath
  5. It will show the imperfections under the surface of the coating, but it will keep moisture out of what rust is there.
  6. Picked up a couple cans from Lowes tonight, hopefully can play with it tommorrow.
  7. I need to go buy stock in Plastidip before everyone on here goes out and buys some.. I plan on getting some tmw from Home Depot as well
  8. Just finished my 2 small plastidip projects... Pics to come :D

    Mine isn't as clean as I would want, but I would expect clean almost painted lines. Remember that what makes this stuff so great when it pulls away also is a pain if you are trying to do clean lines on the same panel. You will see what I mean when I post up pics but I am pretty impressed. Now we shall see how long it holds up.
  9. This stuff is awesome. Do they make different colors in the spray can and do they have them at home depot? This is going to make for a great winter project
  10. I remember seeing a place with different colors, but can't remember at the moment. But check summit racing.
  11. Well heres my progress. Washed dried and waxed (hopefully will help if/when I peel it off).

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    Thanks for the deck of cards tip d89gt, now way was painters tape/masking tape going to stick to the layers of tire shine, i tried that first lol :nice:
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    One of the backs sprayed (still wet)
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    Still have to take an exacto knife and go arond the base of the valve stem and around the valve cap. Havent decided if i want to peel the center cap off or not, guess ill wait and see how it looks on the car:shrug:. Well see how it holds up in the next couple months. Oh and heres the most recent pic I have before.

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    BTW I ended up using 3 1/2 cans total:shrug:, guess im a heavy sprayer. Really happy how it came out giving my very poor spray painting skill:p.
  12. So this stuff will stick to a waxed surface? Who'd a thunk it?
  13. I sure wish I'd know about this before I painted the applique for my shaker a couple months looks like it goes on a lot more evenly than regular flat paint
  14. The card trick saved me lots of time as masking it was a pain! I have had mine on for quite some time and even got it approved to use on some of the patrol cars as they are having that rusty look :haha:
  15. They came out really good.
  16. So how many cans are needed per wheel if I only want to spray the face of the rim?

    Does anyone mask off where the lug nuts go?
  17. I would think you could get by with 2 cans for the front but imo I would do the whole wheel, seems like it will be a lot tougher to peal off if its wrapped all the way around if that makes sense.

    I sprayed the lug wells too, its definitely not as thick in there bc I didnt spray directly into it (afraid of runs).
  18. The thicker it is, the easier it will come off.
  19. That's what I've seen as well. The hardest stuff to clean up just took a little elbow grease was the overspray that lightly misted areas I didn't want it.