Plasti Dip

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  1. when you did your wheels did you do anything to prep them other then a good cleen?
  2. Nope, just a serious cleaning :)





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  3. Damn that looks good!!!!

    Btw what is your suspension set up on that car cause that biotch is slammed!!!!! Looks so good :nice:
  4. I hate the pics. The car looks 100x better in person. I had to barrow a friends cam and was not familiar with the settings.

    Car just has H&R SS springs w/o iso's (and CC plates) :shrug:

    Thanks bud :nice:
  5. Looks good nightfire!!!!! Can I make a suggestion? I think it would really set the black wheels off with some nice yellow calipers?!?!
  6. I am definitely painting the calipers but haven't been able to decide between black/yellow/red. Yellow would look good.
  7. Cant go wrong with either yellow or red on your car. Why not plasti dip your calipers??? lol.
  8. balance issue's???

    all this plati dip looks awesome!!! anyone know if it throws the balance of the wheel off? i mean, it has to add some kind of weight to the tire?? just wondering.
  9. Your car looks mean Nightfire! I wish I could plastidip my rims but I think my car would look wierd with black rims...

    Im curious to try and do my mirrors though because those are black and the cowl vent thats all cracked..:mad:
  10. Any update on the clear coated plastidip?
  11. I decided not to clear it.....just yet :shrug:
  12. sick^^^^^

    i just did my fuel door i think it looks good im doing my gt emblems 2night i got some pics in sig vvv ill take more 2night
  13. so if i put this on my chrome wheels will it protect them from the salt and stuff during the winter?
  14. It's supposed to....
  15. how many cans did you end up useing? im thinking about doing mine

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  16. Looks great Nightfire, I think you should do the fender emblems too.
  18. 86d4af02.jpg

    This stuff is awesome! :banana:

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  19. It definitely is fun to play with!
  20. have a 3v now?