Plastic Dip Question?

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  1. Who here has there car done in it?...How does it hold up...thinking of getting mine done...Paint is faded so why not ...LOL...any pics or help would be great thanks....
  2. The car or the wheels? I did a set of wheels, fronts were fine, back started to come off. Prob wasn't prepped 100% right.
  3. If you do this I would like to see pics
  4. It will be the whole thinking its better then faded red paint that looks to be 100% honest car isnt in a garage so im not spending thousands on a paint job to sit in the winter elements....

    I sure will take pictures if i get this done im hoping i can soon.
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  5. I have done it.
    Actually did it in the last two weeks.
    My advice: don't.
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  6. I was thinking the same thing, I didn't like the rubbery feeling on my wheels. I would think when you wash the car the sponge would kinds stick to it.
  7. It actually washes really well. Even at the car wash if you're smart. I recently sprayed the trunk of a 98 GT I had because it looked like hell anyways and was curious.

    It lays down alright, might be a lot better with a gun, but when I peeled it off a large chunk of paint came with it.
    Count me out
  8. I peeled all 4 of my wheels. Came off great.. Bout 3 minutes I went from black to polished aluminum.
  9. Wd40 does a great job. Wipes off like butter. Just saying it's an entirely different game on body panels. Wheels on my fusion looked awesome
    Grill came out 10/10. Matched the texture of the lower grill perfectly
  10. Mine is getting done with a gun...and my paint is shot to me anything will be better then what it is now...I think...LOL...
  11. Did it on a set of wheels. Holds up great.
  12. please sell your car and then plasti dip your honda to your hearts content
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  13. I did my hood. It looked horrible before the dip. I did zero prep work. I just shook the can and sprayed it. Looks pretty cool.

    I'm debating on doing the entire car in flat black or flat white. And doing proper prep work before hand.

  14. Hey ass wipe...I don't drive a Honda...or will I ever I have plenty of money to paint the car.... AGAIN the car sits outside right now we HAVE 7 cars/trucks NO garage I wanted to do something to look a little better then Faded red paint which looks pink...plastic dip peels off so when ready for paint job then it can be done...but for now...its a way to make it look half way decent and have some protection on the car....
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  15. Plasti dip is huge in the car world right now. If anyone is on instagram and follow mustang pages, there are a ton of mustangs completely done in plasti dip.
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  16. Do it! For about $300 you can have a nice color, even custom if you want. Last a long time in the elements and if something happens to it, just tape off a section and respray. I would suggest getting some of their prep spray.
  17. FINALLY a fusion without that bloody chrome grill. Looks 10000000000x better.
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  18. my wheels are dipped... the rear wheels on the turbo car are dipped... few friends of mine have had cars dipped. looks good from 20 feet or so. up close you see bubbles and crap like that
  19. Yeah i know its not the best but for me right now it will do...better then faded Pink paint...LOL...