Plastic intake= garbage:mad:

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  1. :mad: When it rains it f###ing pours:mad:. Well, I decided to clean my radiator, all of the orange rust starts pouring out. Well, I felt pretty good about myself, you know, some preventitive maintinence:nice:. So I had the great idea to put some sunpro gauges in:nice:. Well, sunpro does not include everything it takes to install; just the freakin thermometer:nono:. Well I follow the directions, and found the temp sensor, by the way had orange rust from not having the coolant changed in forever. Took it out after a couple of tries, after realizing that sunpro was full of s**t. The car threw a temp sensor code, so I had to put everything back and tighten down the temp sensorwhich remind you was rusted. Well, when I tighten down the sensor, I heard a crack. Didn't think anything of it, until today. Well driving down the road and a big cloud of steam or smoke comes behind me. I'm like Son of a B***h, I blew head gasket:jaw::eek:. It seems that the temp sensor bushing was glued into the intake manifold and I completely got lucky driving back from Alabama. F***ing coolant everywhere, not once but twice. If you have any extra money your next mod should be replacing that garbage, Ford decided to cut costs, why in hell would they make somthing that will be subjected to heat and pressure out of PLASTIC:nonono:. Ford needs to rethink, that crap and replace it for free.:mad: Well I guess it would be 460 bucks I don't freakin have. Anybody have any trouble with this genius of an idea??:shrug:
  2. First of all, you are not an engineer. You know nothing of the actual reasons behind choosing plastic, so don't critize ford for making a decision that you are completely un-educated about. Secondly, ford has a torque spec for that sensor. If you had properly cleaned the threads and torqued the sensor to spec, you wouldn't be in this mess. We are all guilty of this, but don't blame ford or their engineers for your mistakes.

    As for your problem, if you have a PI engine, you can find used intakes in the junk yard if you are lucky, starting at 20$ or on ebay for 75$ and up (much cheaper if you have a NPI). You can even buy a brand new ford racing PI intake for 189$ from summit racing if you can't stand used, and if you are in a crunch, look at the local auto-whatever parts store and they will have something for a similar price. Installation is a breeze if you do a bit of reading around here. If you are really in that much of a money crunch, buy a used part.

    As for fords decision to use plastic, you should be glad they chose plastic. It reduces the cost of the engine/car, reduces weight, allows for runner shapes that are impossible with aluminum which improves power/torque and plastic reduces heat soaking which hurts power. Pretty much all the manufactures are making intake manifolds from plastic these days. They did make a mistake on the early manifolds by making the coolant passage plastic, but that was later corrected (just look for manifolds with an aluminum crossover tube). And for your information, ford DID replace those early manifolds with plastic crossovers for FREE, including my 97 GT. Ahhh, education.
  3. If you had an old one without the aluminum on the front then it was on borrowed time anyways, what year is your car?

    Also, I know you are probably not wanting to hear this but I have to agree with all the bhuff30 said...
  4. While I understand that the intake is plastic, realize that they did this to keep costs and weight down. There is really nothing wrong with the improved version with the metal crossover pipe. (The all plastic version did have issues) But this piece has no issue with heat and least as much as a relatively stock motor will produce.
    In the end it sounds like YOU broke it.
    You can get a replacement for ALOT less than $460.
  5. Ok, sweet, first of all, plastic does expand and contract:mad:, secondly, why in the hell shouldn't I be able to remove the temp sensor without cracking the S.O.B.:nonono: F##ck yea, I know I broke it, thats exactly what I am talking about, I'm hearing people's intake manifold cracking, not just at the crossover:(, and yea, I'm not an engineer but:nice:, it don't take an engineer or a genius to realize that metal is a tad bit stronger than plastic,and when does expand contract goes back to its original form unless outside pressure was applied. Seen them pop off into pieces. Ha, the tourque specs my ass. The temp sensor was all the way down in the manifold, so I decided to put back the way I found out, yea stupid me. It crack when it wasn't even a 1/3 of the way down. Wow, way to empathise! Bhuff 30 What the hell does education got to do with garbage design. Hey here is an idea, maybe if my temp sensor was going bad anyway, it have cracked anyway, yea education, got it. Weight my arse, they just wanted to get more money. This is funny, yea I knew I had to replace it, but the 2000gt, only has 98000 miles, thought I had a lot more time with this manifold. Yea I blame ford, and yea it don't take an engineer or a genius to design a car from start, just basic know how. Why in the hell would they put the temp sensor in a bushing and glue the damn thing to the mainfold, where all of the coolant has to pass by, yea great engineers very smart. Heat soaking:notnice:? The manifold gets just as hot as the metal, heat soak is myth education guy:bs:, the air keeps moving dosn't have time to get hot, Mr. Education, Ahhh its cute, hes trying to be insulting.:rlaugh::lol:
  6. O.k. enough ranting, raving, and shaking my fist profusely:nono::nonono::D. Does anyone know if the metal intake manifold will improve horsepower or it being metal is just a safeguard for NOS:shrug:. I know you can port them but, how much larger is it than the OEM pi intake manifold:shrug:. Any advice would be appreciated.:hail2:Stangnet
  7. I think a search will reveal that there are a few aluminum intakes out there that provide minimal gain (on a stock car) for a lot of money.
  8. :notnice:

    You sure about that? I'm a mechanical engineer and I don't even know where to start with that comment. Keep in mind that designing parts for a production car is no easy task. There are so many variables that must be considered such as manufacturing cost, raw material procurement, manufacturing processes, etc.

    You would be hard pressed to see any significant power gain over the stock intake if you are still running the stock heads. If I were you, I would get an OEM pi intake manifold with the aluminum crossover and call it a day.
  9. There is no point in ranting or arguing with the rant hey the guy's car is broke and he is just venting.

    Once he clams down he will realize that he can fix this and it will not cost that much. Hell the new coolant will probably be more than the part...
  10. There is no disrespect:nonono:, but any mental thing anyone can do with time and patience:(, thats all I'm saying.

    Ok, sure thats not my issue, I plan to build the engine from the outside to the internals, and can't afford to go through another cracked intake manifold and I have seen one explode into pieces under a lot of pressure. I need somone hear from someone who has proof positive experience with one before I shell out the investment.
  11. A Kenny Bell 2.1L would make a pretty good replacement over the stock intake manifold. :rlaugh: You might see a small bump in power.
  12. I like my intake manifold... It looks kinda like a shoebox.
  13. Yea but, exactly what is it going to attacht too:D, if I don't have functional intake manifold.:shrug::) but, yea youre right, if I am going to do that then I might as well mortage somthing and swap out all of the internals for forged just to be on the safe side. Thanks Kilgore, nobody likes a simple problem to screw up there day especially when its your stang. But they for some reason want to add fuel to the fire.:shrug: I have thought about just the stock replacement though:rolleyes:. If I could fix it, would you get new wheels?:shrug:
  14. While the FRPP one is probably a safer bet, I have 40k miles on my $140 ebay special. Its identical to the one advance auto will sell you, but for half the price. I was in in a bind when mine cracked around the thermostat housing.
  15. Yea, I think the ebay special is probaly going to be the one:rolleyes:, but the metal one is so pissed off lookin':mad::D and I know it will last the life of the car. I think this thread is probaly gone too long :pand plus I've gone from ready to fight anyone at anytime:nonono: to ok its not as bad as it looks:nice:. Didn't want NOS anyway:nonono:. Ebay it is.
  16. Those intakes really were crap. I changed mine out first with another plastic one (with plastic crossover) and then changed to the aluminum crossover. Now that I have a Kenne Bell manifold, I've had a chance to really look at the plastic manifold with the aluminum crossover and honestly, I still think that they are crap. :notnice:
  17. Wow, sorry I didn't know we were supposed to feel sorry for you when YOU broke it. I doubt it was actually glued in place - more likely it was loctite or sealant of some sort.
    YOU started the rant when you began ****ing out Ford for it's decision to make a plastic intake. Realize that Ford is not the only major auto maker that is using plastic intakes.
    And you were installing those cheap ass SunPro gauges and complaining about them...? LOL - what'd you pay for 'em? $30? You pay sh1t you get sh1t. Not such a 'great idea' after all was it? Oh and did you use sealant when you reinstalled that temp sensor? That was probably your issue. If you had used sealant you wouldn't have had a leak or threw a code and wouldn't have had to crank on it so hard that you friggin broke it...
  18. Now, now... calm down. They are easily broken. They are not the best part in the Ford warehouse.
  19. Accually the plastic Intake Manifolds are the best performing ones. Without Nitrous or Supercharger. With bolt ons they out perform Trickflow, Profession Products, Fox Lake's P-51 Intake, and the Edlebrook Victor. They may be plastic, and they may crack, but your the one who made the mistake of breaking it. Live and Learn man thats all you can do. ****ing and crying isnt going to make time go back.

    But if its any consolation....sorry to hear that