Plastic intake= garbage:mad:

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  1. Yea Fast 97 gt is right, there is a certain arrogancy that goes with college degrees, its as if that piece of paper makes them infalliable:bs:. I agree with him b/c I went to college performing in music for 5 years, and then I met a musician whom dropped out of highschool, this guy blows the socks off My music perfessors whom of which have doctorates:rlaugh:, then I go to school for auto-servicing, then meet cats; whom also don't have degree, that could tell me the specs in micrometers about most fords and chevys and so on and so forth:shrug::D. Its all about the individual's thirst for knowledge, not a piece of paper:mad:. Hell, Albert Einstein, if I spelled correctly was considered mentally retarded at one point his career:(. A degree just makes people and employers less nervous.:nice:Education is anything learned that is fact!
  2. By the way I finished my install, It was a P.I.T.A.:(, but I learned alot:D thanks guys for your support:nice:!Stangnet:hail2:
  3. +1

    Congrats on the install!
    The first WOT after an upgrade is orgasmic, no matter how small the real power increase measures.
  4. That's quite obvious. But when I see this type of writing (and I'm certainly not the only one) I think 'this guy is an idiot'. If you're ok with that, than so be it. I often cut through some of the misspellings and lack of punctuation in the thread postings out here, but sometimes, like in your case, the gist of the post is somewhat lost as I try to figure out what the heck you are saying.
    It's like kids these days wearing ratty, dirty, wrinkled clothes and saying, "I don't care what I look like". (Believe me, I know, my 18 YO son is this way...:nonono:)

    TO TROMBONEDEMON - I need to bury the hatchet, and as Mustang5L5 stated, we're way off track. I'm honestly very happy that you've fixed your situation and learned alot. That's the best news yet! Best of luck with your ride.
  5. Thanks guys, couldn't have done it w/o this site:hail2:, you've been a real big help and yea this a great place to argue, know matter how little the argument, we are all here to be entertained in some way shape or form. Don't want to replace that manifold again.
  6. ya its fun pickin on people sometimes, and as for the kids wereing ratty tatty t-shirts, and the i dont cares??? i cant stand it either, but sometimes i think its a lack of respect for the parents, dont get me wrong theres adults out there the same way: but when theres parents that try to make there kids do somethin they dont want to be, or be like someone that there not. as for the manifold replacement, now you can be one fo the first one to give noobs advice. thats the glory of fixin things yourself and learning new experiances. good job and good luck.
  7. i agree, the plastic intake sucks and i think it was a bad idea because i have broken 2 intake at the back of the intakes where the heater hose connects. however, air gets hot. just cuz it's moving means nothing especially in a blown car. how do you think the air gets so hot. also after my 2nd intake, i paid 450 for a new polished typhoon so it will not happen again
  8. well you do make a valid statement but you also have to remember that FI engines will generate more heat then normal, only because your compressing air into a tight spot. just a lil FYI incase you didnt know.
  9. you are right but i forgot to add that my intakes broke before the blower.
  10. you realize it's PIPE thread right? it's not meant to go all the way down, just tighten to torque spec..
  11. what he said