Plastic Media Blasting

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  1. I am starting a new project and would like to have it blasted with plastic media before I begin. I got an estimate from a local place (Hot Rods & Custom Stuff) and was a little shocked. $2500-3000.

    The car: 67 coupe with what appears to be original paint an some surface rust. No obvious Bondo or other repairs. Very little cancer (bottom corner of one door).

    The scenario: I bring them a gutted shell with doors, hood, fenders and trunklid removed. No suspension, glass, gastank or anything. Body on cart.

    What's included with the price: Remove paint from all surfaces (including the removed doors, fenders and trunk, no hood) and primer.

    Is this out of line? Does anybody know of another place that does plastic media blasting in the San Diego (or southern CA) area? I really don't want to strip paint myself again (twice is enough) but my time is cheap compared to $135/hr to strip and $95/hr to prime.

    Come to think of it, how many hours would it take? Let's say it took 10 hrs to blast and 3 to paint that's only $1365. Could they possibly put 20+ hrs into this?
  2. +1 on the overpriced... the local joint down the road does the blasting for 700ish, plus prime, lets say 1500 total, i say look around some more.
  3. Ouch!!


    I got quoted $700.00 for media blasting in Phx Az. shop was recomended by Pete @ Reenmachine.
  4. that's more like it

    $700 I can live with. Even $1500 with priming isn't too bad.

    Socal, your link didn't work for me but I was able to search Hotrod and find the article. The prices are more in line with what I expected. Too bad the shops are all 100 miles or so from me. Maybe now that Reen is in CA he has a new source. There just don't seem to be many places doing this.

    Deadonarrival, was your quote for the whole car or just the outside?
  5. First off, move. Theres a guy with a tanker truck for media blasting that will do the outside of a disassembled Mustang for $250 in my hometown in NC!
  6. Yeah. I am in the same boat too.... I am going to start taking apart the mach 1 for blasting and priming within the next year. I live in the SF bay area if anybody has any recommendations.
  7. Media Blasting costs

    Mustbereal it was for the entire car delivered to him disassembled. I told him that I would not be doing the hood or one of the front fenders. He told me that usually a mustang runs around $700.00 and that if he ends up getting done a lot quicker due to the car being easily blasted or not an entire car he could also charge on a time basis.
  8. I just got my '65 fastback blasted (they used a combo of plastic and aluminum oxide) the place does a ton of work for the local aircraft industry (Boeing, Cessna, etc) got the whole thing done and back in 3 days. Cost: $250. A guy I work with got his done at another shop in town, and his was twice as much.

  9. there's a guy on that had his fastback done last year, i think he got it done for 1800 for blasting and epoxy primer... place was in sacramento, i think it's called american stripping...

    the entire car was stripped down before he took it to them
  10. We had our '65 media blasted and the blasting cost was 1500 without any priming. the vehicle was completely disassembled (see AdamInChains threads)
  11. phoenix is too far

    My truck gets about 10mpg when towing so two round trips to Phoenix + trailer rental + a couple nights hotel, I would still save about $1000. Plus I have friends in Phoenix whom I need to visit soon.

    Deadonarrival, do you have the shop info so I could contact them?

    Truck90278, I just reread adaminchain's thread and found the info for the shop, thanks.

    black_demon, thanks for the info. I'll look into it.
  12. I'd also rent the trailer.
    100 miles isn't bad for a GOOD recommendation. A LOT of people looking to make money in this hobby w/o the quality to back it up.
    A trailer is less than $80 or so. an afternoon drive......
    Especially if you can't find someone reasonablly priced in your area.
    I think the problem with finding people might be EPA???
  13. I had my '69 blasted for around $750 with primer. I had to spend about a month looking around though. Most shops around here wanted around $1200-$1500 to blast plus $200 for primer. I finally found two shops that quoted me $750 with primer and one shop that rents its blast booth on weekends. I would shop around a little more, but blasting is the way to go IMHO.
  14. My 67 FB shell is at a blasting shop right now. Quote was $600-$700 for blasting and black epoxy. This is inside, outside and underneath, even inside the roof. I stripped everything and also had the rear quarters, outer wheel housings, trunk drop offs, floor pans, door skins, cowl panel and front end removed. The only thing extra I brought him was a turn signal hood. I expect it to run more like $800 when finished, but its well worth it!
  15. Call Street Rod Factory in San Marcos on Rancheros Dr., They had my entire 66 stripped (inside and out) with walnut shells and primered with epoxy primer. They were way cheaper than Hot Rods & Custom Stuff. The Guy they use for paint does a killer job as well. If I could figure out how to post pics I'd show ya.
  16. Thanks, they are close and I'll give them a call.
  17. Follow up: I visited Street Rod Factory today to get a quote. Nice guy. He told me less than $1000 to blast and primer inside and out. He also told me he doesn't do it in house but sends the cars out to another shop about 30mi away in Menifee. Now if I can only find that shop.