Plastic Pan/Cover under bumper cover

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by racerraj, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. What is that called? I need to price a replacement. Mine is gone :shrug:. I may make my own out of aluminum, but if the part is cheap I'll buy it and secure it with screws instead of those push pins.

  2. Ouch! Yes Redfire, that's it! Thanks! I believe I will fabricate one.
    Thanks again for the find!
  3. i pulled mine off and might still have it.. if i can find it i can sell it for really cheap to you
  4. You sure you don't want it on? It has a lot to do with A/C function and cooling system efficiency. Just sayin.
  5. positive i have a 12x24x5 intercooler in the front of mine so it no longer fits plus it has no a/c anymore
  6. Gotcha. Why do people remove the A/C? Guess I'm old.
  7. mine is basically a strip car that i drive on the street. i took it out so i can take weight off the front of the car since i added so much with the turbo system
  8. I wonder how much shipping would be? Not heavy, but big. I will look into that, I may be interested. I'll pm you after I check on shipping. Thanks!
  9. ok i will find it this weekend
  10. Its been a few years since my wife hit something and tore mine off, but I'm sure I didn't pay near that much at my local dealer for one. You might make a call to check the price before you order one.
  11. if i find mine il sell it for 65 shipped
  12. Yep, my wife took her's off on the freeway one day and I replaced it, bought it from the dealer, I know it was under 70.00. Do yourself a favor and add a few attachment points on it, I found that the factory does not do a very good job of it.
  13. i found mine