Plastidipped Badges

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  1. Hi all,

    Just peeled away the PlastiDip from my 5.0 badges and the rear cap. When it fully cures, I'm going to fill in the dot on the 5.0 and the GT logo and the FORD script on the cap with some of the factory touchup paint I have. Here are a couple pix of the intermediate step (no color). It really matches my matte black and grabber blue theme. I'm going to PlastiDip my Brembo wheels as well.
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  2. man i see posts everywhere about Plastidip. That guy loves you!
  3. Liking it! Let's see full car shots too when you're finished!
  4. Update: factory touchup paint isn't a fan of being applied to PlastiDipped surfaces. It just pools together. It's not a very friendly paint to work with. Tried it on the . of the 5.0 and it looks like a little girl using nail polish for the first time. It's horrible. Going to peel it off and re-spray, leaving it black until i can find a workaround for a quality matched paint that I can use.
  5. Looks pretty cool.....maybe try spraying over it with the blaze blue plastidip, then peel off what you want to stay black?.... or will it peel the black with it?
  6. Still trying to figure out what their blaze blue actually looks like. If it's close, what I'll probably do is spray a bunch of it out and let it collect into a paint pool and use a fine point brush to essentially pinstripe it onto the GT, Ford, and the dots.