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  1. I have a new 70 Boss trib. -- it is black. I have six letters on classic state plate.

    obviously ....

    da boss

    all likely taken.

    drk nte

    ideas everyone????
  2. Pics of the car or it didn't happen.
  3. Well, this is only my opinion, but since it is a clone (tribute, replica, etc) I wouldn't put references to "Boss" on the vanity plate. As I said, just my opinion.

    maybe something like "70 302", "7FORD0", "7T Pony"or something. Sorry, I'm not very good with vanity plates.
  4. I guess this means you pulled the trigger and bought it?
  5. Yep I did -- I did a lot of research and I am very happy. Thanks for your help HS
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  6. my other threads have pics on them ...
  7. 69s are my favorite ,I like the 4 headlights and the dishes tail panel but i would not turn down a 70 .I had a nice one at one time .
  8. How about something that pokes fun at the mid-life crisis guys who go the import
  9. I went with ... PTCH BLK