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  1. although Biff thinks that I know little about the 2.3 doesn't make that statement true, just as his statement about the size of an engine. Allison made a V24 and bigger. The 2.3 in the turbo configuration is a very good engine, that being said, when you run a real 20 psi on that engine you cut the "very good" down a bunch.
    It's true that I never paid much attention to a 4 cylinder but the basic math still applies. There's a reason you don't see a AA/FD with a 4 cylinder in it.
    I'm sure any of the 2.3 turbo guy's out there have been beat by a stock GT and saying they have not makes it a little easier to swallow but not necessarily true.

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  2. Bull crap that the 2.3 isn't very good with 20psi. I've got 12 timeslips from one night running 21-22psi and the engine never skipped a beat, in july heat!. A lot of these runs were back to back. I'd finish one pass, drive to the start line and immidiately make another since the lines were short. I made 4 passes in 22 min when I arrived, and 6 passes in 1 hr before leaving. Ironically, my last of the 6 passes was the fastest, a 12.97. That is serious abuse and I drove it home too.
    The 2.3 is built strong. They came with most of the parts you listed from the factory. They had forged pistons and a high volume oil pump. The crank has big fat mains between every rod and the crank and main journals are very beefy.
  3. oh9, you certainly are stubborn.

    Since everyone else's points have already been driven into the ground and you still refuse to accept them, I only had one other statement:

    No, I don't know what 6.71 means. But I do know what 6-71 means. I would think that with your engine building resume, you would know that was the correct designation for those blowers.
  4. Isn't this thread about spark plugs??
  5. Red
    I'm no more stubborn than anyone else. See I know what 20 psi will do and saying you have 20 psi and having 20 psi are different.
    You didn't tell what a 6.71 or a 6-71 means. I'm guessing you had to go look it up.

    I think you may have read what I wrote wrong, What I said was .

    "The 2.3 in the turbo configuration is a very good engine, "

    even with 7-9 psi those engines life’s were short. I seen a bunch of them in salvage yards, with blown motors.
    Lets see a picture of your turbo motor, Just the wastegate will do. What mm is it?
  6. Of those multitudes of 2.3 turbo engines you saw in the yard, how many did you actually open to find internal engine damage? I'm guessing zero. The 2.3 turbo has finicky electronics, a POS automatic transmission, a head that likes to crack and if a headgasket goes, most people are scared to touch it, and send it to the crusher. I'd bet that 95% of those turbo engines you saw had a good shortblock, but other problems which the owners either couldn't or didn't want to fix.

    I don't understand how the wastegate size has anything to do with the boost I run. It is a factory T3 turbo with the .60 A/R compressor housing, and an internal wastegate. The wastegate it tightened up a bit more to keep it closed to run the 20+psi. It is definately NOT efficient, but it is dirt cheap and I have fun with it.

    My boost gauge is a VDO, 30inHg to 25psi and is teed off the vacuum tree, which is plumbed directly to the upper intake manifold. I'm confident it is accurate. Even if it isn't perfect, I've run up to 24psi by my gauge. E85 does a nice job controlling detonation at these levels (105 octane).
  7. Wow, you're the kind of person that makes me want to beat my head against the wall.

    What do you want me to say? Since I did mention "blower" in my post, obviously I know what a 6-71 is. I don't know what the F 6.71 is. Did you put 6.71 GEARS in your car? Did you also build an engine that would rev to 10,000 RPM or something? Get a clue, dude.
  8. Red
    Don't let me stop you, go ahead.
    I didn't ask what a 6.71 is , I asked what 6-71 means. A 6.71 feeds a 6 cylinder engine with 71 cubic inches per cylinder and zero under or overdrive. Reading comprehension.

    Your probably right about those thunderbirds in the salvage yard and the people that owned them.
    Maybe a little schooling on wastegate is in order.
  9. 6.71 is still the wrong term....I don't understand where you even get this crap.

    Anyway, you're obviously trolling at this point, so this one is closed.
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