Play in Steering Wheel?

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  1. Buddy of mine has a 95 GT, all stock.

    You can turn the steering wheel about 1 inch in either direction freely with no resistance. Doing this does not move the front wheels at all. The steering wheel has play all the time, when the car is off and when driving at any speed.

    I initially thought it was his tie rod ends, however, they pass the wheel wiggle test.

    His balljoints might be going bad, but they aren't totally shot and I don't know that they would provide that much steering wheel play.

    I'm not real up on the steering system; I assume a bolt or something could be loose on the steering shaft?

    Input is welcomed.
  2. To fix that I had to replace my rag joint.
  3. I have the same problem, subscribing.
  4. I've been searching for a write up on rag joint replacement and can't find anything. How difficult is this process? Like I said, I have never really messed around with the steering system (besides the tie roads/ball joints/suspension). I'll check my Hayne's manual when I get home, but firsthand relation of the experience is always useful.
  5. I had the same problem. Have someone wiggle the steering wheel while checking the steering shaft u-joint, rag joint, inner tie rods, outer tie rods and rack and pinon bushings. Also, re-torque the steering shaft bolts.
    I did all the above and was still unable to isolate the source of the freeplay, so I decided to replace the steering shaft. It fixed the problem and makes me wish I had done this a long time ago (bought a '03 cobra shaft on ebay for $25). Hope this helps.

  6. IT could be any of those things listed but really?

    I have owned about four mustangs from this era [my latest a 2000 gt] but have found this to be a chronic problem in all but one of the four mustangs I have owned REGARDLESS OF MILES! (94 60,000 mi) (96 mystic cobra 130,000) the only car that didn't have this problem was my 98 mustang and it had 100k on it, my current mustang has 70k on it and it has this problem

    try the hex rod and reciever inside of car near floor, you will be able to see the play if this is your problem and I think it is

    I have clamped several of these hex rod/ recievers and I have found that it works well ,I would buy new parts but I can never seem to find THIS part!

    good luck and let me know
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    Seriously, no offense indended mustangkenny. Just next time you may want to make sure the post you're offering help on is a recent post. :nice:
  8. +1 for the rag joint. A nice new solid steering shaft is a very worthwhile upgrade.
  9. I have started driving my car more this year then the past several years. Normally it was my weekend only car. I have noticed some slop in my steering this past week. I think the picture shows the rag joint with the nice tear in it! I am going with the Maximum Motorsport one for $249.

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  10. I have looked at the rag joint and mine is intaked and not ripped but I think the bolts are loose but the rubber isn't ripped or tore. The play goes past the rag joint into the steering rack. Is that my problem that I need to replace? Or is it tire rod ends(inner and outer). Or ball joints? If it helps my wheel is leaning Inword on both sides, cars not lowered I think but I noticed when I went from factory 16's to 17's tires
  11. i figured mine out it turned out someone put the bolt in backwards where the rag joint meets the shaft on the rack and pinion! i was driving around this whole time and the damn thing could have came off any time i turned the wheel hard enough.
  12. I would look at the rag joint and the inner tie rod ends.
    Inner tie rods seem to go out more often than outers on the cars I have worked on.
    I think every Fox/SN car we have has needed the inners replaced.
    Even the salvage rack we used in one car for an upgrade needed the inners when we got it. (Sourced from a 93 GT donor)

    I forgot to mention that one car I worked on had the rack bushings totally shot, and when you turned the wheel, the entire rack moved side to side before it would move the tires. Take a look there too. That is a super easy/cheap fix if that is the problem.
  13. $249 for a rag joint????
    I haven't priced any myself, but that seems way out of line.
    Are you sure you weren't pricing the entire rack?