Pleasant Surprise

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  1. The weather is cooling down now. The night air is 50 degrees and I just got back from a trip to the night deposit at the bank just down the street.

    The LX was cold on the initial start. I took it easy on the way to the bank. I let the car idle as I made my deposits. By the time I got back in the car the temp gauge was beginning to rise barely to normal.

    It's a left turn from the bank lot on my way home. I pulled out in first gear and just before straightening up fully I punched it. It spun wheels and fishtailed to the right but I stayed on it. As the power band peaked I banged it into second and felt the rear end snatch to the right again under the load. It was surprising because it never seemed to run this powerful before.

    It's obvious this thing likes cooler weather. What can I learn from this? Does this give me any info that can help regarding tuning?

    It was a short drive but nonetheless, a fun one!
  2. Cooler air is more dense.
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  3. Yes only drive at nite.
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  4. Get a functional ram air hood and really feel it:nice:
  5. You learned that cold tires and cold pavement don't have much grip.
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  6. Well cooler and cold are a little different as city and country are different. Concret, asphalt and pavement mixes retain heat. Thats why it's very cooler when traveling from the city, which has tons of buildings with those ingredients in there structure, into the country. So the next question is, John Dirks Jr where are you located, north or south and were you in the country type place or near many structures etc????
  7. I live in a pretty densely populated suburban area in Maryland.
  8. little bit of both :rlaugh:
  9. they love this weather mine does the same thing from a roll in second I can blaze them off