Please advise: considering 99 Cobra buy. Please look->

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by JDC, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. Go for it. That's a hell of a lot of miles for a 4 year old car, but you can't beat the price, especially considering all the mods. Sounds like it's been well cared for, and most of the really expensive mods are already on the car.
  2. That car does have some really cool stuff added on. I'd drive it first...make sure it doesn't smoke, vibrate, or ping. If none of the above, that's a winner.
  3. Sounds like a decent deal to me. I just picked up my 99 Cobra about a month ago.

    99 Cobra, black. 63,000 miles for $13,800. 100% stock. I wouldn't have minded to have some of those parts installed on mine when I bought it.
  4. Did I read that correct? 120,000 miles on an '99? :eek:

    But for all those expensive mods and taken care of the same I do mine, it sounds like a good deal for 10k. :nice:
  5. Not a bad deal, but be prepared for things to start giving out...tranny, bottom end, brakes...things like that.

    If you can afford more car, I'd look at an 01 with less miles. Plus, 1/2 the fun of mods is doing them yourself :shrug:

    I would look a little longer unless you want a nice car for a decent price, and are prepared to start replacing things.

    Good luck!
  6. I'd say go for it if you're not scared on those miles. At worst, you'll probably only need to do a rebuild with that amount of miles.....and mods, so throw a couple grand at a rebuild and you'll have a beast for only 12K-13K, assuming the rest of the car is in decent condition. I'm always weary of people saying the car was never raced, yet they have a ton of "go fast" goodies on it. As stated earlier, those are some very good mods and expensive mods at that. Just give it a good hard look and take it for a decent drive, not just around the block. Let us know how it turns out. Good luck. Ray

  7. Well it says in the ad that he just did the brakes and had a new tranny put in so that covers two of the things you mentioned. This would be a daily driver for myself also. Just want to make sure I make the write choice. Is this deal too good to pass up if the car is pretty solid? Thanks for all of the replies!!

  8. Well when I initially found a 99 Cobra with low miles under $14,000, I was all excited and didn't know if I should pass it up either... but the truth is, they are out there. If you are patient and are willing to wait to find the right one, you'll find it. Just keep looking and the exact one that you want will come up. Not to say that this car isn't perfect for you. The way I was thinking was... I was heading down a road for a 99 GT. I was thinking $12,000 or so with decent low miles. Well, when I started really looking, you can get 99 Cobras for almost the same price... especially when the miles get up there. So if you can't spring for a few thousand more... you can't beat this deal. It's a great car. You will not be disappointed with a Cobra.

    But I like the advise of ray here... at least start putting money away for a rebuild. Nothing worse than already having a car payment and having to either take out another loan or dish out an extra 3 or 4 g's to rebuild.
  9. I think all would agree with this statement for the most part:

    SVT owners care about their cars. They go the extra mile to keep them in good shape. If they race them, they buy better parts and replace them as needed.

    It's not like it's a family car that is just used as transportation from point A to point B. People really care about their SVT cars.

    So, the only thing to keep in mind is to have money set aside for a rebiuld when needed....

    Drive it, if it feels solid...go for it. When you drive it though...get on it. :nice:
  10. Im over here in fresno, and future ford just got a 99 black cobra with 35k on it. I think they are asking too much (21999) but im sure you could talk them down. its black with saddle leather int.
  11. definately take a good look at it. he says he never raced it, but it "sounds wicked at full throttle! " so he beat on it a little. drive it, make sure it doesnt blow smoke or anythign like that.