Interior and Upholstery Please help! '06 convertible problems

Aug 7, 2020
Los Angeles, CA
It's been one of those days...

Bought 2006 GT Convertible couple weeks ago, and day after I bought it top will go down but not come back up (unless I keep hitting the up button on the switch 50 times over the course of 10 minutes.) You can hear the motor working when you press the " top down" button up there, but press the "top up" button and it's silent.

I have already:
- Purged air from the system and refilled it with Castrol Dex/Merc ATF.)
- Checked for leaks (pretty sure it was the old cylinders, which I just replaced with brand new AutoPro hydraulic lift cylinders...)
- Replaced the convertible fuses
-Swapped the convertible top up and top down relays and still same result

I just installed those brand new hydraulic lift cylinders and they don't seem to be moving at all...someone please help me fix all this before I drive this thing off a cliff.

Pic of the top's motor... no leaks Im pretty sure. Rubber filler plug off or on, same issue.

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Jun 16, 2019
Have you checked out the pump? It seems to be the only thing you haven't mentioned. Maybe the pressure it develops is enough to put the top down but not back up. Going down it doesn't work against gravity where going up is does and this might put the pump under a bigger load that is enough cause your problem. I am not a convertible top expert but this does seem plausible.
Aug 7, 2020
Los Angeles, CA
Thanks...about to buy forscan and see if that's it. Also read elsewhere that it may be the window switch(?) not showing a signal to the top that the windows are down (since they must be in the down position for the top to come up.) Really just dont wanna take it to a dealer or something like that.
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