Electrical Please Help - 2010 v6 want stat


Aug 24, 2020
Kearney, MO
My 2010 v6 manual shift will not start. It was having intermittent issues not wanting to start. Someone suggested to replace the Neutral safety switch on clutch. I did and after two attempts it started. Drove home from a friends. Next day nothing. No sound no start. Battery test ok but charged anyway. Still nothing. Checked all fuses i can get to and all seem good.

When key goes in everything seems to work when turned to on position. All gages cycle, lights come on, but when turn to start nothing happens. I noticed the anti theft red light comes on with lock symbol and flashes. When trying to start no noise from battery, cables are all clean, i bypassed the starter motor relay and was able to get the starter to work and engage motor and it will try to start.

But cannot start with key. Checked fuses again in dash area all are good. Checked fuses under hood and all are good. Replaced keyfob battery and fob is working for door locks and trunk latch.

I do hear what sounds like a click under dash area below glove box which sounds like it is from fuse box area. Hope someone has some ideas. Just a second hobby car so don’t drive every day but would like to get it back working. Ideas?
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