Please Help 2013 GT 5.0


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May 16, 2020
Toledo, WA
Just added a pro-charger to my 2013 5.0 mustang, but I noticed low end torque is not what it was before with the CAI and tune. I just loved the pull factor at lower speeds. I like the procharger power, but I am running 3.73s and have thought about, based on other threads of going to 4:10 gears. It seems like I really need to rev up the rpms to get a good launch. I don't drag race or do tire shredding burnouts, but I do like to be able to squeal the tires now and then. My car is not a daily driver and only has 22K. I run 2200 rpms at 70mph and enjoy the relative good gas mileage of 24mph, if I keep my foot off the laugh pedal. But mileage is not an issue per say. I just don't want to open up another can of worms with 4:10s, i.e., drive-ability, higher rpms, and running temperatures; if that is a real issue. All pro and con opinions would be greatly appreciated. My suspension and driveshaft have been updated, but still have the MT82 manual 6 speed.
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