Please Help Me Identify These Afr 185 Heads

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  1. I am rebuilding this car bought a car with afr 185 heads .The motor that is in it was build in 2005. The part number is #138 on one side and #1387 on the other side of the head? I typed the part #1387 in on google and got this. It says 72cc chambers? I couldn't figure out why the previous builder would have such large heads with flat top pistons? So tonight i checked the cc of the head with a syringe and alcohol and got around 58 cc- 62cc with my test. Did AFR change part # or something or do you think they are milled way down that far?
  2. I would call afr. They redid their old "outlaw" heads and now call them "renegade" heads. I'm not sure if the part numbers changed when they did that. Also, can you measure the edge of the intake valve and see how far it is from the surface of the head. I could compare the measurement to my new heads and see if any milling has been done.

  3. Its possible that they have been milled a few tomes or that they were milled from the get go. Either way they are what they are at this point. What's the plans for the motor?
  4. i am buying a 331 shortblock from AD Performance and i was about to order a shortblock with domed pistons because i thought my heads where 72cc. Good thing i checked them myself. now probably just get flat tops
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