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Discussion in '1974 - 1978 Mustang II Talk & Tech' started by Eos, Jul 28, 2005.

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  1. Since I do not see any outsiders that would object to me sending this tread in a totaly new off-topic direction here goes :D The topic of using what you have and not throwing money at a car was raised. I am a huge hipocrit because the only thing not new on my car was the side glass and body shell. My plan was that at the time I started the II project detroit did not build a simple fast affordable muscle car, I would build a brand new Mustang II as a base for my very own performance car. Anyways despite my actions I am really interested in budget performance cars. Rat Rods are also very cool. I thought I might tell you about the Grassroots Motorsports $2005 Challenge. Grassroots Motorsports magazine puts on a competition every year to see who can build a performance car to compete in three different competitions. The car can cost no more then the year of the competition hence $2005. The cars compete in an drag race, auto-X and a concours. This year an 1988 Mazda Rx7 with a back-yard 5.0l Ford engine swap one the competion. An Mg Midget with a 2.3l Turbo came in second. A 1987 Dodge omni GLH came in third. This is really cool stuff. It is interesting to see what can be done with a little imagination and not alot of bucks! You know there has never been a Mustang II in the challenge yet :D (lame attempt to put this into context). :OT: :nono:
  2. Wart an 1988 Lincoln Town Car has a 150 hp 302. The 225 hp roller cam H.O came in the 88-92 Lincoln Mark VII and the 87-93 Mustang LX & GT. The 86-87 Mark VII and the 86 Mustang GT & LX 5.0l had the 200HP lump.

    Just for interest sake put the Town car engine backed with a C5 on root to a 2.79 open 8" shod with some 390mm wide 15.35 Michelin TRX tires and line up against Power Surge or Thunder Snake LOL. In the interest of budget the car should be a rusty 74 coupe painted with a roller. (Just kidding). I always root for the underdog! A home Depot derived nitrous kit might even the playing field. :rlaugh: (O.K I will stop before I offend somebody).
  3. Come on J, don't entice him! You know that once he gets that one wheel dialed in, he'll blow my doors off!!
    seriously after reading the entire thread word for word i cant believe it.
    megan knows what she wants :nice:
    wart paid 125.00 for brake shoes and a low compression non roller setup
    and then the conversation turns from gears to suspension and even
    a whole new topic non related.
    cheap-expensive whatever its your car your money we all do things differently ,no need to preach about it..
    some people have all the time in the world and no money
    some people have all the money in the world and no time..
    there are valid points all over this thread. so heres mine valid or not....
    first thing 3.80 posi ,tires and see what it feels like..
    ive run spools trac loc and one wheel peeler
    spools beat the crap out of road driven axles
    posi is very squirlly and you HAVE to know how to drive well
    and the single its your everyday driver (reliable) and cheap
    i run 3.80 trac loc, tremec t-5, 26in tall tires, ssm bars, new springs,
    with a 95 gt 5.0. roller motor worked pushing 280hp and the 8in has held exceptionally well with many hard launches..

  5. To keep yourself from appearing a complete ass I think you had best show me where I stated this engine is intended for a straight line car, or any vehicle I intend to race?

    Oops, you cant, I guess we know what that makes you.

    :nice: :rlaugh: :nice:

  6. I'm sorry, is this slow piece of iron an issue?

    Can you point out to me where I stated I thought I bought anything other than the low performance model?

    Can't show me that either.

  7. A Challange?

  8. So true,

    When it comes to twisting words and meanings, putting words in peoples mouths, misrepresenting what people write and being obtuse, You Are the King.

    HAIL KING POWER SERGE! Ruler of the Smarmy.

    :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: :hail2:

    Hey, how are those counterfit cobras coming?

    Your losing the game in more places than this forum.
  9. The POINT of no return was right when you said " I've wanted to do the EFI/Roller block/OD trans for a long time"

    The exact word in the sentence that POINTS out your blundered purchase ".....Roller...." :D

    I guess you ment the guy who owned the Lincoln in 1988 was a high "roller" my mistake :D

    Or purhaps your still looking for the "...EFI/Roller..." and the remark about the Town Car is just extraneous information. Purhaps you have an ice cream truck with a blown engine at home which is the low performance project you speak of?

    Your not fooling anyone, wipe the egg off your face(or is that crab cake?) and sell the town car! Scrap metal prices are high right now if your looking to re-coupe.

    Im an Ass? Sounds like sour grapes! make them into wine and drink up in your new 150hp flat tappet cammed Lincoln! :rlaugh:
  10. :rlaugh: :lol: That was funny.
  11. Okay boys I didn't mean to start a big arguement. So make up and be friends! Leave it to a woman to get a bunch of guys in a tizzle.... lmao
  12. this is going nowhere
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