Please help me with my 95 GT!

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  1. I have a 95 mustang GT convertible 5.0 HO. it has a intermittent problem, it sometimes wont start and sometimes it will just die usually after setting at a red light LOL it will sputter and stop when I take off. If I leave the key on for a few min it will start. It has fuel pressure at the injectors. also the exhaust temperature normally runs about 600 now it gets up to 1200 but at idle it will run 600. It still runs real good that is when it I believe it has to do with the fuel injection maybe the PIP censer in the distributor or the 10 pin salt and pepper shakers I have been reading the checklist form, but how do I know if something is bad, when it works sometimes? also I cant find the 10 pin plugs, or the SPOUT can you tell me how to find them? Thanks Keith
  2. Here is a tip that has to help :)

    Don't look too hard for the salt & pepper shaker connections cause
    94-95's don't have em :nono:

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  3. Thanks for the tip. Any suggestions on my intermittent and problem??
  4. put a reman distributor in it first , I always recommend a new harmonic balancer as well to make sure your timing marks are correct , its just good insurance , and if that doesnt fix it then replace the TFI module on the pass. side fenderwell
  5. Thank You very much!!
    I will replace the distributor first. I already replaced the harmonic balancer. It came apart a couple of months ago. I really do appreciate you help! I was stumped.I will re-post and let you know the results.
    Thanks again Keith
  6. Do not buy a reman'd distributor, they are mostly junk. The companies will reuse electronics in them if they test good, even though these same sensors fail on a HOT motor..go figure.

    If you go to the parts store (I know advance can get them) request a Richporter distributor. They are brand new units and cost the same or less than a reman'd unit with ZERO core charge. Trust me on this.
  7. Thanks again!!
    I did go with the new distributor. I replaced it on tuesday and it started right up. It seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks for the help!!
  8. I replaced the PIP in the distributor, lot cheaper, only 35 bucks and not hard to do, either way your pulling the dist out. Just have to punch out two pins, then spray some nut buster on the the shaft, and bang the dist on a 2x4 on a concrete floor to get that gear off, then replace the pip.

    Mine cutoff anytime it was sitting still, u could drive it for hours, but if u stopped, it cutoff after a few minutes (heat buildup) bad pip.

    1,000s of miles later that def fixed it.

    That 35 dollar pip let me buy a 100k mile conv 5.0 with a new top for only 1200 bucks cause the other owner gave up without even trying to net the problem :)