Electrical Please Help My Dog Chewed My Wiring By Top Of Gas Tank!!!!!!! Please

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  1. Hey guys, I am new to this forum..id like to say thanks in advance for future responses. So I have a 2001 gt 5 speed. I came out about a month ago to find my car does t start, I assume its fuel pump..well when I get under the car I see theese 2 pigtails (that should be plugged into eachother) dangling in the air with the wires ripped off and chewed up. One section of that harness goes to the top of my gas tank (I think). The other looks like it goes to the bottom of my trunk. ANYWAYS I have now bought three different sets of pigtails with wiring and all three dont match my cars wiring!!!! They all match each other but not mine..so now im stuck and cantmatch anything up...also fords schematic only shows the sequence of color coded wires that Iis on the ones I bought. Can anyone help I had 2 cars but my timing belt broke on my 2000 lexus gs400 valves and all shot..so now I have no car to get to work hellllllllp!


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  2. Take it to Ford... unless you make so little that it is worth your time then just bite the bullet if you've failed so many times?
  3. I CAN help you get a full set of wiring diagrams with connector faces and wire colors. The diagrams will be specific for your model year.

    Have you checked the fuses? Remember there are TONS of always on circuits in today's cars.