Please Help Overheating Problem

97 stang 4.6

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Oct 11, 2015
OK I have two problems one mechanical one with wiring.

First off I have a 1997 4.6l 2v sohc with aluminum cross over pipe, the car is over heating. I bought car and drove 29 miles on highway and it only over heated a Lil about 3/4 of the trip I pulled over and let cool down a bit then got back on highway and turned the vent on to hot and never got out of normal temp range the rest of the way home. Next day took a drive maybe 3 miles and it started get higher then normal so let it cool and filled up resivor on top of radiator, I drove it 5 or 6 miles and temp started rising so I got home and coolant was burping out of theresivor cap. The cooliant isn't mixing with oil I checked, and i dont smell cooliant burning out exughst so don't think its a head gasket, not loosing any power, I ve read about air getting trapped in system so wanted second opions. If there is a good way to burp the system I m up for suggestions, I ve heard of filling up the resivor while cold, squeeze top house till bubbles are out, start car let idle and turn heater on fun blast?

2 my driver side break light isn't coming on when pressing break, passenger side is and both come on when headlights are on. I ve changed the bulbs, so wondering if its just bad wiring or what, I m some what mechanically inclined so I can probably handle it with good advice can any one help?
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New Member
Oct 11, 2015
cooling fans coming on? if heat coming out vents good probably not air pocket. could be bad t-stat. turn hazards on and see if it works if so suspect turn signal switch. common cause.

97 stang 4.6

New Member
Oct 11, 2015
Thanks tman1970 I m to the conclusion its bad tstat. I tried air pocket test and nope and I ll try the hazzards
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