Please help w/ alternator install

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 66 Tiger, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. I purchased an 135 amp alternator from altstart & as promised it showed up yesterday. The only problem was there was no wiring instructions & the sales snake lied about not having to do any modifications to the car to install it. :mad: ( the bracket has to be filled down! ) Having known that, I would have attempted the job at my shop rather than the driveway. Anyway, my question is the wiring... I assume the two 8 ga wires go to the ring terminal. There is a d shaped molex that appears to just snap into place on the new alt. Does anyone know what I do with the wht/blk wire coming off the new alt? It looks like it just connects to the wht/blk coming off the d molex but I want to make sure before connecting it. Thanks....
  2. Hi, I have the alterstart 150 amp. If I were you I would run a heavy gage wire from the conection on the alt to the battery. Dont use the 2 blk orange wires..They actually connect to one wire about 12 inches lower. The white wire connects to the small wire thats in the plug with the 2 blk orange wires. Just cut the wire loose from the plug and connect it to the new white blk wire. I really would consider running a new wire from the lug on back of the alt to the battery or solenoid. The blk orange wires are not rated for the higher amp alts.
  3. Thanks.... I think I will change out the power wire to at least an 8 ga.
  4. Most of the kits/shops that sell these things recommend a 6 ga. or 4 ga. cable running from the charge terminal to the hot side of the starter switch, or the battery. You can/should hook up the existing wires also - but the extra wiring assures that if you pull real hard on the alternator with accessories that you won't have a problem with the stock harness being overwhelmed - smoke, sparks, fire, bad juju.

  5. The 2 stock wire go directly to the solinoid I would not use them. The articles I have read said just abandonthem and cap em off. :shrug: