please help..what do i need for injectors and maf size?

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  1. MY major ? is what injectors and maf size do i need? 80mm maf? 42# injectors? also what size throttle body for a tfsstreet? CAM?? Fuel pump size with the t rex ?
    I'm Just adding a v-2 sq with aftercooler now..My car is a stock 1988 5.0, with a 5sp conversion,flowmasters, and a soon to be intalled mass air conversion with a 70mm maf for 24lb injectors, car also is getting 373's

    , What should I do to help the supercharger, I don't have much money left to spend but I want it to run right, i plan on doing up the motor next year, rebuild with heads, etc.. please give me some recommendations,, thank you,,,,,

    I was recommended 36 or 42 injectors by someone but i don't know what maf size..
  2. For starters, make your post so its easy to read. Kind of gave me a headache.

    If your car is a daily driver, id shy away from the 42's because it will give you some minor driveability issues, not to mention you really dont need them that big, considering you have a stock motor. Id go with either 30 or 36. Alot of guys have run 24's with an fmu on mildly worked motors with about 8psi.

    You could get the. Guy i know had great success with a 76mm a 70mm throttle body will be more than enough, considering the stock intake is goign to be your biggest restriction

    Your intank pumo must at least be equal to the inline pump, otherwise its goign to suck it dry, so you might as well throw a 255 high pressure pump in
  3. After lookign again, its not so hard to read, i just htink im getting a bit tired
  4. thank you for you input,, I will work on neatness also, I'm new at this,,
  5. thanks again, i thought the 42's are a bit much,, and your combo sounds pretty good to me, not to much and not to little, also thans for the heads up on hte pump, I will get a 255...
  6. Come on guys I really need some input here.... please :bang:
  7. Get 70mm TB, 80mm MAF and 36#ers.