Interior and Upholstery Please help with replacing key ignition assembly in my 2011 Mustang GT


New Member
May 6, 2021
I recently inherited a 2011 Mustang GT that my father bought before getting ill and passing away. I'm not familiar enough with this car and although I'm always researching various things about this model, I am in desperate need of assistance without having to pay an outrageous fortune for my issues.

About two months ago, someone tried to break into and steal my 2011 GT. They used tools to destroy the entire area where my key would normally go to start the car and after having left it sitting with no means to start the car and move it, I got it towed to my home.
Sadly, while it was parked at what I thought was a friends home (where the break in occurred) I had gone to try to see what all I was going to be having to replace to get the car in driving order and discovered that the remainder of the ignition key assembly was busted out completely and the cover around steering column was removed all the way. At the time the theft was attempted, the driver side window was about 2 inches open and passenger window closed. When I finally got the tow arranged to get it to my home, it came back with driver window all the way up and now passenger window halfway down.
I'm curious as to how the heck that was done when the power windows would not function without a key and I'd like to know what I should be looking for online, by name to replace the ignitlon key assembly and any suggestions for getting my windows closed back up to avoid damages from outside weather conditions.
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