Engine Please Help With These Afr Valves

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by fiveohlover, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. Trying to buy new valves for my afr 185 #1387 with 11/32 stems, heads where purchased in 2005 before afr came out the the 8mm valves.
    These are the part numbers i got from my valves currently
    Intake 7204 http://www.summitracing.com/parts/afr-7204
    Exhuast 7220 http://www.summitracing.com/parts/afr-7220/overview/

    These part # have the valves listed with 2 different stem diameters and valve lengths. Can this be possible, or did AFR probably change the part# or something?
  2. Did you attempt to contact AFR to find out what's involved in retrofitting them? They're gonna be able to provide a more accurate answer than anyone here will?
  3. Leave these decisions to your machinist that will be working on the heads!!!
  4. yes afr claimed they have no record of heads that old, which is a bunch crap. They said they dont even stock those 11/32 valves anymore. And i dont have a machinest nearby at all so i am trying to get info from people here. Isnt that whats stang nets for?
  5. i would measure the valves you have and compare them to the numbers listed on summit. I would also try contacting someone else at afr who can help you with choosing the correct part to buy.
  6. I used my calipers and measured and the ones i have now are the same as a Chevy valve. Summit must have there specs on the valves wrong because my valves are the same diameter and length but in the links i posted they have them listed as different lengths and stem diameters
  7. Not seeing any Ford valves in there in any case?
  8. as far as i know they are made in the USA, and are stainless steel. they just dont have a name breand like manley on them. i have two sets, and they are just fine.

    thats because aftermarket heads used chevy valves. you can also use chevy valves in a ford head if you want larger valves. or you can cut down those valves to fit the stock ford valve seats, your choice.
  9. Those valves are temping. I had a valve fail on my last motor and blew the whole thing. Don't want to put something in thats not proven to be good in my new motor.
  10. Tempted to run bigger valves in my GY40X's?
  11. So you are machining the heads yourself? You have the capability to do the valve job and set the heads up completely? What about decking the surface? Just confused... Most guys don't have all of this equipment in their garage and those that do aren't on stangnet asking about what valves they need. Sorry...