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  1. Hi, I am new here, I recently aquired my first (yes there will definetly be more :D ) mustang, it is a 1999 GT, the thing I need help on is figuring out whether ot not it is a 35th, on one fender it says 35th anniversary, but on the other there is just the horse, I don't know anyone else with a mustang and so I cant really compare. whatdoes the 35th have that the GT doesn't.

  2. www.mustang35th.com under the "facts" section for real "Limited" info.
  3. thanks a lot voorhees, that site helped a bunch.
  4. ALL 1999s are 35th Anniversary Mustangs and should have a 35th Anniversary badge on both of the front fenders. Of the 126,067 Mustangs built in the 1999 model year, 4,628 were "Limited Edition" Mustangs.

    What color is your car? Limited Editions came only in White, Black, Silver, or Performance Red. Does your car have a two tone, Black and Silver interior? That's one of the distinctive features of the LE.

    Go to http://www.mustang35th.com/facts.html for all the facts and figures on the Limited Edition.

    35th Anniversary Edition Pkg
    Total Production: 4,628

    Coupes 2,318
    Convertibles 2,310

    Performance Red 1,555
    Black 1,299
    Silver 1,259
    Crystal White 515

    Here's a good site for 1999 Production figures:
  5. You can try this link also...