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  1. My Stang was stolen yesterday... I am a sad, sad pumpkin... so if you see my girl or if you have ANY information, please report it to the police.

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    1989 Ford Mustang Coupe - 5 spd

    They broke out the back driver's side window to gain access... so it WASN'T a professional. On the back window there is a HUGE white sticker with some Chinese characters and also, the rims are pretty unique. They are a brand called Privat out of Germany… it also has a five lug conversion and a 1995 Cobra rear end. There are also a couple of quirks: no e-brake, the radiator is on it’s last leg, it is idling REALLY crazy (I was going to bring it in to the shop next week) so yeah… it is probably broken down somewhere if it isn’t in pieces on the side of the road down in Miami or on a boat halfway to Bora Bora by now. **sigh** :*(
  2. sorry to hear that buddy, hope you were insured.

    it just sux that people will take things from other people who actually work for them.

    If it see it up here in MN i will let you konw, but I assume with the way your car was running that you will be called to pick up the shell of your car in a day or two
  3. Unfortunately, I feel the same way... there is probably going to be nothing left of it. Which just breaks my heart.
  4. i feel horible for you, that car looks nice but maybe you can teach us something from this experiance.
    is the car always parked outside?
    Do you drive it alot?
    how would you describe the safeness of your hood?
    Anything you would do or have done diff?
  5. Damn man that sux horribly!!! But at least it has one of those eye popping paint jobs on it! Hopefully you get it back in one piece, sorry to hear about it though.
  6. YUP!! Drove it EVERY day!! It was parked outside... unfortunately, someone wanted it real bad... and took it. The safeness of my hood... well, it was almost totally stock so, there wouldn't be much for them to take outta there.

    What I WOULD have done different is: got an INSIDE kill switch hidden in the car that would have to be activated before the car would start... i.e no matter how you wired it, or what you did, without hitting that button... no VRRRROM! It is easier to replace a broken window, and a broken column... than the entire car!
  7. Thanks Chris!! Yeah... you can see the car a MILE away... NO JOKE! You cannot hide ANYWHERE in that car for REAL!! I had it painted that color on purpose because I kept getting creamed by idiot drivers. Figured if it was really obscenely loud... there would be no way someone could possibly say "OH... sorry... I didn't see you"
  8. I wanted to give you guys an update... today is a week and still nothing... can't even get the cops to call me back either. **sigh** Please keep your eyes out look for a:

    1989 Ford Mustang Coupe - 5 spd
    Orange with Blue interior
    Tag# U79 8PB
    VIN: 1FABP40E2KF183253

    There is a considerable ding on the center driver's side back fender (from a rock the stupid lawn guy blew at my car... it'll be HARD to fix that so it may be an easily identifying feature even if it IS repainted)

    The rear end is out of a 95 Cobra... the front is a Mercury... so it does have the 5-lug converstion. The rims are a brand called Privat and have rivets around the edges. There is NO e-brake... so they are going to have to get that fixed if they don't know how to do it... the radiator is on it’s last leg, it is idling REALLY crazy (goes up and down then idles REALLY high to like 2 Gs) It has an H-pipe and the rest of the exhaust is totally STOCK as well as the rest of the car. (she was a work in progress) She DID have a little tick that was DEFINITELY audible on the passengers side... I was leaning towards a rocker arm banging around in there.. so the engine needed to be broken into FOR SURE.

    Seriously... the car was of no value to ANYONE but me. There was nothing really special about it other than the color, the five lug conversion, and the rims. Yeah, she had her quirks, but it was something I was working on making better. So if you see it, hook a girl up... PLEASE!
  9. collect the ins. money and run!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. See... that's just it... I knew the insurance would NEVER give me what the car was worth... so I thought it was a waste to have FC. I also figured... who would EVER want my car? PFFT! Little did I know.

    Regardless... the car is not just about money... It was a project car that my Dad and I took on and he was involved in a vehicular homicide a few years back... money can never replace the attachment.
  11. I know... it sucks to be me. :(
  12. Good luck, hope it gets found, I am in orlando area so I will let yo know if it is seen around here. Hopefully they didnt spray can it black or somehing but i doubt theyd be driving it around, by now its probably in a ditch somewhere waiting to be found. My buddy had his integra stolen in a busy bar parking lot while we were inside. They found it a couple days later with just the wheels missing, he had a full engine and tranny swap. It will probably be found, all you can hope for is that that didnt take too much off it. Also look around local forums or ebay to see if any of the parts you had on that car pop up.
  13. Being a victim of a car thief ftmfl. :( Been there, done that. :cry:

    I hope you find it. Doubtful though after this amount of time. I hope I'm wrong, though.
  14. Carfax has no hits at least not yet...that sucks man I will tell my buddy in Tampa to keep his eyes peeled
  15. Thanks... I hope your right because I can replace the rims easily. The car... not so much. I have been trolling e-bay, Craigslist... everything!!
  16. Thanks man... you RAWK!! :hail2:
  17. Still nothing... this is hopeless!