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  1. Depends on motivation.
  2. i would say i was pretty damn motivated, 36 hour work sessions, sure i only have weekends to work on it but i would say it would easily take a year to get that thing back togethor and running
  3. i've been working on mine since february doing the 5 lug, new clutch and and suspension. it takes a while if your doing it by yourself or friends come over here and there to help.

    i will say, if you have mutiple people, say 3 or 4 working eight hours a day, it can be done pretty fast.

    But i'm not a Chick or a Chikin so no one will help me.. LOL..... no offense holychikin. LOL
  4. Several guys are gonna tackle it. So it won't take too long... I am ITCHIN to help so that only means one more is in the mix.
  5. None taken... although, when I had my 5-lug/4-wheel disc brake conversion done, the guy started at 9:00 a.m. and was finished by noon. What saved a LOT of time was, I had a rear end from a 1995 Cobra put in there... it was a quick switch out... and DONE!!

    Also when I had the AOD changed over to the T-5, it took 5 days... and my friend did it in the evenings after he got off work + 1 Saturday. ANNND he had to pull the parts off another Stang!


    I have no doubts that once I get everything together, it will be back on the road pretty quickly. Because these guys have it down to a SCIENCE!! I am REALLY blessed to know the people I know... because without them, this wouldn't happen.

    In a week and a half or so... I will be buying what I need to get the rear end back in it! Then I will get my MIRACLE mobile mechanic friend ERRRRBERTO (roll the 'r's please) to do his thang! If it wasn't for him, I be thumbin' it for sure! :hail2:

    Now if I only I had a stack of cash socked away somewhere. That's REALLY going to be my GREATEST obstacle... no cash, no way to buy parts! I am sure if I had everything ready to go right now, it would be back together in a matter of weeks... since I don't, it will take a little time.
  6. I hope your wrong... We'll see!!
  7. WHile the interior is apart, install KILL SWITCHES! Make the cuts to the wiring in places you can't get to. I'd do at least 2, and get a car alarm. Don't tell anyone either!

    That way...they would need to tow the car away to steal it (which still does happen, unfortunately) :(

  8. you obviously never saw my first progress thread? or hell even my second. my first one was done in 3 months and i had zero interior engine or trans and swapped to all five lug and did it cheap. my second went through stages but i had it together in a few months and it had no core support or aprons.
  9. I am gonna do all that and MORE!! I am also going to get a LoJack so if they DO tow it, the cops will be knocking on their door within a few minutes!! The alarm is going to be so sensitive that they will be LUCKY to get it on to the truck before I come running out. YUP! YUP! YUP!!

    I really hope others will learn from all this (I sure have)!! Because yeah, it has not been a fun experience!! PROTECT YO **bleep**!!
  10. I have stages planned out as well... where is your thread because I am SURE it's gonna be helpful!!

  11. first one: one month. i five lug swapped it, swapped rear ends, 5 speed converted it, swapped motors, swapped from blue to black interior and done a ton of small stuff.

    second one: this one had alot more work in it.
  12. I have a company truck that regulary has many thousands worth of tools in it. All of our trucks are very well marked and people know what is in there, so we have maybe the most sensitive alarms on the planet. I am talking squirrel farts set this thing off. I will grab the lititure on it if you are interested.
  13. AWW SWEET!! I am gonna need the interior swap because yeah... I am clueless. I am not sure what is going to happen but, I might have the opportunity to get a COMPLETE interior! All I will have to do is put it in!! YAAAY! So yeah, since I have NOTHING to reference (i.e. I took it apart... so I know that this goes here, that goes there) I am REALLY gonna need some help!
  14. Squirrel farts?!?! YES I AM EXTREMELY INTERESTED!! PUUUUHHHHLEEEEASE!! I mean seriously... I will hang myself if I go through all of this trouble and have it stolen again. **shakes head**
  15. hows the project coming? have any parts installed yet or are you still getting things together?
  16. Still getting things together. Oh man... this is gonna take me FOREVER!! I ordered the upper/lower control arms, getting the rear "sport" springs from Steeda, also, someone building a racecar is going to give me his shocks (they are in decent condition so they will get me by for a few months) then I am going to get "the booty" put back in her. I can't WAIT until it's back on it's own feet!!

    I did get the quarter windows and a few other things... after I get the rear end done, I going to get the truck welded back together. I have just been playing HECK in finding a trunk pan! Then, it's off to the body shop!!
  17. Congrats on gettin it back and puttin it back together!!
  18. Thank you!! I got a LOT of work ahead of me!! YEESH!! **can't wait to start the "build thread"**
  19. funny i cant wait to end my build thread
  20. LOL! Oooh... it's not THAT bad is it?!?