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  1. yeah it is, look at what should be a car long enough and you just wanna finish the ****in thing
  2. Now THAT I understand. It's been two months since I got it back and I am already wiggin!
  3. try 19 months
  4. Any new progress pics of what it looks like now.
  5. 19 MONTHS?!?! I would hang myself!! Or commit Seppuku with a stapler... possibly even a spork!! GOOD LAWD!! I don't know if I could go over 2 YEARS without driving a Mustang. Because 19 months + 8 months = 27 months!! **faints** Yer scaring me!!!!!

    Nope! The only recent pictures are of my trunk because someone I know has a parts car... he is going to hook me up with a trunk. I got a welder lined up so it's all starting to happen!!

    Things have been pretty much at a stand still because I put myself in a hole getting it out of the tow yard. I finally recovered and have ordered the parts to get the rear end back in it! YAAAAAAY! Also, got the Energy Suspension Rear Spring Oscilators... I am SO impressed with what I got, I am going to get the master kit and the motor mounts! GOOD stuff!! SO I am thinking after Thanksgiving (and when I return from Sacramento), I am going to ask a bunch of guys to come over for a BBQ/beer/putting the rear back in my car party!

    If you have beer... they will come...

    THEN I will have pictures, I will also start a build thread and I can put all this monkey business behind me! I can't WAIT until this is all a thing of the past!! Now if only I can find a Fast Forward button...
  6. what are you comin to Cali for?
  7. The alarm is a Code Alarm Pro CA310. It has settings for bear fart, dog fart, cat fart and squirrel fart.
    Actually, it has 6 sensors (hood, 2 front doors, 2 side door on truck cap and 1 for rear cap doors) and 2 shock sensors. the shock sensors are adjustable. I have no idea about price, I just drive the truck.
  8. A Thanksgiving visit!! I am gonna be FREEZIN my friggin tail feathers off!! I just checked the weather and today it's 64 in Sac. BRRRRR!!!! Since I am a native Floridian, anything under 70 degrees is COLD! I would also like to take a little drive and finally see snow!! Hopefully, that'll happen... I can see it now: OOOOH LOOK SNOW!! **runs out** **does a snow angel** Okay that's enough!! **runs back inside**

    I am SUCH a wuss when it comes to cold weather!! But I can withstand the heat like NOBODY'S business!! ^_^
  9. cool. i'll be in that area either this week or next week i forget, which reminds me i need to PM EPIK...
  10. I will definitely check it out!! Thank you!!
  11. I am supposed to be leaving Florida on the 24th and I'll be in Sac until the 30th... just a short little trip! ^_^
  12. Well guys, I got Ford Racing "B" Springs!! I went with these because the ride height was higher than the rest out there. Also, I had a very dear friend that had a 1995 Vert Cobra (it was one SWEET ride)... his was SLAMMED and the ride wasn't bad at all. SO I know first hand what they feel like. Figured I should go with what I know! SO, when I return from tha 916, I will start the build thread and get my REAR in GEAR!! Well, not in gear but, at least back in!! **has no booty**

    I am going to try and get shocks too that way I won't have to fool with the rear end again, it'll be DONE. WOOO HOOOOOOO!! I have just no idea what to get... if you guys have any suggestions, I would LOVE to hear them!! Please keep in mind I don't have a half a G to plunk down on shocks... I am thinking ample performance, minimal price, and nothing I have to fool with. Because adjustable shocks secretly scare me.
  13. I would just buy some good stock replacement shocks at autozone or napa or where ever you buy parts.
  14. i put 10 way strange adjustable up front and monroe sensatracs in the rear. i prob would have gone strange all the way around but didn't have the cash for it at the time.
  15. Shocks!

    Hmmm... decisions... decisions...
  16. I hate it when i dont have the cash for strange.
  17. Well, I decided to go with non-adjustable KYB shock set. I mean... they are better than stock and I don't really want to have to futz with adjustables. It's not really necessary. Since I don't have a whole lot of money to play with, seems the best way to go. In the future, if I decide to upgrade to better shocks, I will plunk down the cash. SO, as soon as I get them in, it will begin!! YAY!!

    Hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving!! ^_^
  18. how was cali?

  19. Cali was AWESOME!! It was beautiful of course, the weather was hella sweet, the people were nice... it was like heaven!! I seriously was not looking forward to coming home.

    Of course, after I got off the plane here in Lauderdale it only took five minutes for me to trip over an idiot. The cab driver charged DOUBLE what he should have. The counter said one thing and he said "no, that's not the price"... he is really lucky he didn't get belted into next week.**sigh**
  20. So how much work have you got done on it, or are you still in the parts gathering stage?