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  1. Still gathering parts. Although, I am ALMOST ready to get the rear end back in it. Figured why not just get it entirely done?? I don't like to do things twice so, I am going to get the suspension hooked up.

    Upper and lower control arms
    Ford Racing "B" Springs
    Rear spring isolator kit by Energy Suspension
    (I am going to get the master kit and the motor mounts in a month or so because I am WAAAAY impressed by what I got)
    Shock & Strut kit by KYB (these will be coming in next week)

    That'll do it! SO I am thinking by maybe next weekend, it'll be back on it's own feet. Then I have to find a trunk pan so I can get that welded back in. Then I have ONE more thing to buy (subframe connectors) and it's off to the body shop!!

    I purchased a very nice engine a couple of days ago. Someone I know had a motor built by Mustang Specialties in their hatch... after about 2,000 miles, he decided to put a stroker in his car and just had this engine sitting around taking up space. It's nothing really spectacular which is totally fine with me!! So I am well on my way!!
  2. If Florida blows so much then you should bring your fox here to cali so you can enjoy the nice weather, and we always need more foxes driving 'round
  3. awesome! dont forget to start up the build thread with pics!
  4. It does... and I would LOVE to! I saw a couple while I was out there. Granted, one of them looked in need of some serious help but the other was :hail2:

    I sure will! This weekend, hopefully, it will begin!! The engine is already READY to go! Just gotta catch up with everything else first!! WOO HOO!!
  5. Been over a year. I'm wondering how she's doing.
  6. she has a build thread somewhere around here.