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  1. I have changed #3 fuel injector, and ignition coil pack, wires, and plugs tested all ohms are good on plugs, plug gap checks out, thinking it could be mechanical at this point. there was oil on the #3 spark plug. Is there a good possibility that the valves are messed up. When I accelerate the car is lacking power and bogs down from time to time. No code has come up since I changed the ignition coil pack today but it is still acting up and I know it is just a matter of time before the code pops up again. Can a mechanical issue trip the computer to throw the misfire code?
  2. Yes. Leaking valve seal that leaks oil onto the plug could cause a misfire that would be picked up and cause a code to flash.
  3. grandpa did a dollar at exhaust and if a valve was sucking it would pull the bill
    by holding it against ex freely blowing at idle , a bad seat, seal,stuck,bent valve showed up as a pulling against ex guess as a pre compression test ? hope he's still giving to us, tho he has gone before us..
  4. my grandpa told me of doing that for a valve issue. when the piston lowered on a bad valve it would suck in pulling the bill to the exhaust. this would be an ex valve i guess. not sure if it would work in this instance, but you see the reasoning don't you ? not sure in this case or if it was on model t's, but i recall the info so the only way to verify would be to try it. it does make sense to me and i'd try it since it costs nothing to ck if it applies .
  5. A compression test would be more helpful.

    Then again, if you have oil coating the spark plug, you have a leaking valve seal. It's possible there is nothing mechanically wrong with the valve...you are just leaking oil past th seal, past the valve and onto the spark plug which is causing your misfire.
  6. Absplut
    Absolutely, I just fondly flashed back to when pop was around, and his old time ways. unlike today's' tech. Didn't mean to revert to the stone age..lol sorry, still miss him.
    mis aligned ring grooves, if 3 piece oil ring possibly that too. won't the PCV if blocked create pressure build up that would blow by even a good seal ?
    Don't suppose clogged cat would figure in somehow ? No o2 issues till CAI and then lean bank 1 error I think it was, and after new o2's got @ 5 mpg more and performance. Pricey though effective in that instance..