Please I Need Help With My Windows, Before It Rains...

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  1. I am new to this site so please excuse any stupidty. I have power windows on my 88 convertible. I put the rear windows down and now they won't go back up. Anybody know how I can get the damn things up. Any help is much appreciated. THANX.
  2. I used to have to help mine go up :shrug: If they dont even move a little check for power going to the switch, then check for power going out of the switch. If the switch has power going to it, and coming out of it then the window motor is bad. Had that happen on the front window of my 88 vert. If power is going to the switch but isnt comming out then the switch is bad. Had that happen on my 88TC. If no power check fuse. You can put the window up manually by looening the power window motor so the gears arent engage, pulling up the window, then tightening the bolts back up. Thats how I got the front window up on my vert when the motor went bad. Probbably more of a PITA on the back windows though..
  3. Thanx alot for your help it worked perfectly. No need to worry about the rain now. The only thing that bothers me now is that the switch and motor are. Once I put the motor in place it still refuses to go up. I guess I'm better off leaving them up for now. Thanx again.
  4. This belongs in tech :p
  5. 2 words:

    Garbage Bag

    That is if worst comes to worst!