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  1. I've been told that winter-weight turn-signal fluid, but only for the right turn side will help get those seals off....

    (now, what was I ignoring?)
  2. Yeah, winter-weight would probably help.... just remember to wipe it off your o-pipe before you use the air chisel.

    (I can't even remember what we were supposed to ignore) :shrug:

    Anyway; go check my edited post above. I really need a 351C thermostat wrench to unscrew my thermostat so I can remove the water neck. Want to get some work done on the Cougar this weekend; and I can't find the Cleveland-style wrench in Yuma! :fuss:
  3. What's scarry about the move is that the guy driving's hands and jacket look almost exactly like dad's.

    I tried to ignore that, does it count? :shrug:
  4. It is your dad's hands.....
  5. You mean to tell me all that fuzz between my toes is actually from my SOCKS!

    Hey! Wait a minute! I don't even WEAR socks! :scratch:

    Dang! I shoulda ignored that post! Now I'm confused! :(
  6. :shrug: But I hear that that hair removal called Nair the ladies use will get rid of that toe fuzz for you.
  7. You mean that wasn't Nair I had been using?:eek:
  8. HEY.....YOU....HEY!.......SASQUATCH!

    Whattheheck did you do with that can of white lithium cam lube I bought to change the lifters on Jessie's XR7???? :fuss:

    Oh, don't tell me....... :doh:
  9. Dammitdammitdammitdammitdammit! How many times have you got to be told that stuff goes on the shelf in the workshop, NOT the bathroom!:fuss::chair::dead:
  10. It was in the workshop, you big dummy! You must have been sleepwalking again. Besides, did you really think Comp Cams made hair removal cream??? :rolleyes:

    Oh well, your turnout boots should easily slip on your feet now :nice:
  11. It's too early in the morning to ignore this thread. Ugh, Mondays......
  12. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, we're ignoring you!

    btw - I think Kendall should give you the first half of his moniker, but we're still ignoring you!
  13. i thought it was we should help control the pet population and have out pets spayed or neutered.
  14. You've been watching too much Price is Right. I've never seen the show...I ignore it.
  15. Back to the question: A 2 oz. bar of Reese's Fast Break has 5 grams of protein and does indeed taste better than Neosporin on a cracker. Now that I've helped you, what exactly is that white dust that comes off of toilet paper? I've been trying to ignore it but it's all over the glass shelf in the bathroom. Toilet paper is made from trees and I've never noticed them giving off white dust when you unroll them.
  16. Are these type of questions that got you up to 2500 posts? That shouldn't be ignored!
  17. Unfortunately, we have to ignore anything in "Talk", as they do not count in total posts. So, we have to ignore all this......
  18. They really dont add to post count?...i didnt know that....but im ignoring the fact that i ignored this post in order to know it...

  19. I knew that posts didn't count here but I was ignoring that fact to make an important point. The world should be able to rid itself of sock fuzz and toilet paper residue even if they choose to ignore the surgeon general's warning.
  20. Toilet paper residue? Do you mean crap?:scratch:

    Me, I just flush it and ignore it!:D