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  1. Hi i just got my start up tune from anderson ford motorsports (RICK ANDERSON) and it does not look right to me there are no fuel adjustments. Can this be a mistake or is this right?? It seems a little weird to me. Please take a look pms users and let me know What you think. My mods are ----

    TFS track heet intake
    TFS Track heetheads
    Stock block
    Procharger P1-SC @ 11psi
    30 Psi injectors with procharger fmu
    Pro-M univer mass air
    75mm throttle body
    aluminum drive shaft
    3.73 Gears
    Fluidyne rad
    T5 with steeda shifter
    bassani x pipe
    bbk short headers
    Flowmaster AM Thunder catback


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  3. The notes of 255 pump and T REX AND 42 injectors may have sometin to do with it:shrug:
  4. Hmm -- ask Rick? :)

    If you are running the FMU in your sig, I would imagine that plays in quite a bit.

  5. That looks ok, your running huge injectors so thats a ball park tune. Fuel adjustments will need to be made with a wideband.
  6. yeah that combo should have at least a bigger fuel pump. he didn't put any fuel adjustments in there because you don't have the added fuel to support it. that seems like a fairly safe tune to me.
  7. Ditch the 30's for some #42's and get a bigger pump. A FMU is just a band aid for a lack of fuel issue for the current fuel system