Please post pics of your lowered 94-95 GT's

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  1. I plan on getting H&R Supersports I need to see some pics
    to give me some ideas.Tell me how you like the performance and
    handling of your springs.Whore your pics here please! Thanks.
  2. stock springs--front cut 1 & 1/8th of a loop for around 1.5 - 2" of drop. stock shocks/struts that seriously need replacing. ride quality is crap!

  3. eibach sportlines, kyb agx's.....ride quality is a little stiff but i love the way the car handles.

  4. eibach sportline been on car 4 yrs no probs rides nice,pic is in sig
  5. I have h&r super sports on my ride, and I have no complaints. (it's real low)






    **last picture in ode to aaron**
  6. :lol: that's hilarious, you figured me out...

    use the bum to sell the springs :nice:
  7. Mines on sportlines but I also took out the isolators in front and have x2 ball joints, the fronts dropped 2 3/4"s and backs 2". The rides not that bad to me and it handles great but I rebuilt the entire front end with steeda parts when I did the drop so that helps out the ride a lot.

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  8. 2 points to note...

    1) That car is royally dumped, looks awesome...:nice:

    2) Organize your tools ya slob! :D
  9. Wow really nice rides guys! :nice:
    After seeing how low the H&R Supersports lower your car
    I would probably be scraping all over town lol.I think I am going to consider the H&R Sport springs because they will give you a 1.5-1.6" drop.Thanks everyone and
    more pics are always Welcome.
  10. I don't mean to hijack but... for those of you guys who happen to be running a vortech with a power pipe AND have your cars lowered, do you have any issues with your tire rubbing on the pipe? With my stock ride height I had to lift my power pipe up with some metal stripping with holes in it and bolt it to my inner fender. Do I just have the hole in the fender too low or can I only lower the car so much before I have problems with clearance between the tire and the pipe?
  11. H&R sport springs

    i've got the H&R sport springs. good ride quality and handling.
  12. all i can say is wow.....more pics of the gi.....err, the car please.....:D

    and i just couldnt go without pointing that one out either. this looks like it should be one of our pics from down south.....:cheers:


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  13. Mine's a 96 but I hate posting in the 4.6 forums, because they're all 99-04's lol






    Stock shocks with Eibach Pro-Kit.. I don't know why but it's really low compared to other Stangs. I did no modifying of the springs at all. I'll get more pics when I get my inch and a half spacers for the rear.

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  14. wow caldwell we need more pics of the bum serie :D
  15. this is the eibach prokit
    I take bad pics

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  16. Beautiful 96 Mark. Welcome to the better side of the SN95's haha. Love the clean look of your car, all I thought it needed was wheel spacers and you mentioned you are getting them. Be sure to post pics once they're on. BTW, are those 17's or 18's

  17. :stupid: That is a beautiful '96.

    And yep ...... this is the coolest area of :SNSign: !
  18. Thanks guys!

    Dark5.0, they're 17x9's.. i put 245-45-17 up front and 275-40-17's out back and i love the way it looks. I just found out i'm picking up my spacers friday so im sure i'll have pics up soon after that!

    PS, i wish i could have got a 94-95, but all the ones in my area at the time were beat to hell, or out of my price range, i scooped this bone stock one owner 88k mile 4.6 for only 5grand so i couldnt complain! one day i'll have a 5.0 though