Please post pics of your lowered 94-95 GT's

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  1. Ok, I was just wondering. I was about to chop 1/2 coil off my front pro-kits (back was a bit lower than the front) to get just a little less drop than you have up front and wanted to be sure I would be getting what I wanted.

    Did it a couple days ago, along with some KYB Fox struts and Steeda C/C plates and it looks awesome, I'll post pics in a couple days.
  2. Post some pics of your car Killercanary.
  3. what is so interesting with the truck?
    all those nice mustangs and the truck pulling the crowd???
  4. What's wrong with the truck? :shrug: It's still a Ford with a windsor power plant.

    GreenMustangGT also has a Bronco and so do some of the others on the forum.
  5. Haha Matt. I think he was reffering to the pic that Suspect posted. That little Ranger must have a SBF .... or a 2.3T.
  6. here's mine, not a gt, but a 94-95 nonetheless



    Fox KYB GR2 Struts, Eibach Pro Kit with a half coil cut off the fronts, Steeda C/C plates
  7. :D ha, yea weve all seen each other cars before, so no biggie. i cant remember what that truck had done to it.. it did have a 5.0 and im sure tons more.
  8. 95riosnake- your car is gorgeous!
  9. Slow50Sally, is it just the pic or are your fogs very bright? If it's not the pic, then I want some of those fog lights, where'd you get them?

  10. I haven't changed the bulbs since I had the car but I recently took out the fog lights. Because I was going to use the fog light holes to send air to my front brakes. I know the fog light housing is stock but the lights themself not sure what brand. I know the the fog lights are brighter then my headlights though. I will look at them when I get home.
  11. Its a little late but I am running the H&R springs and Tokico 5-way adj. shocks and struts. I know.... same old pics but its all I have.


  12. My bulbs are Sylvania C1223 probably get them at any walmart.
  13. Thanks Sally.
  14. 142863172.jpg


    Eibach Drag Launch kit...I'm going to run steeda X2 ball joints in the front to bring it down another 1/2" in the near future.

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  15. Maybe mine haven't settledd yet but the Eibach Pro kit does not look as good as my "c" springs did. They do handle better and nicer ride quality though. O well, give and take..
  16. considering racing stripe?

    any one have pics of our cars with stripe or stripes?what do you think good idea?
  17. Hard to post my car after so many good looking cars here, but here it is.



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  18. Terry, your car looks sweet. I don't know if there's anything else I'd do to it. :nice: