Please post pics of your lowered 96-04 GT's

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  1. I plan on getting H&R Supersports hopefully.Post some pics of your
    lowered cars so,I can have some ideas.Explain how your springs
    handling and performance is and how you like them.Whore your
    pics please. Thanks.
  2. not tech. but you will love the h&r sports.. wish i didn't have to worry about protecting my exhaust or i would've got em... I have Steeda Sports.. handle just like the factory springs


  3. Heres mine, Steeda tie rod ends, MM shortened sway bar links, MM CC plates, Eibach Sportlines, Tokico 5-way Illuminas.

  4. H&R SS. Harsher ride but handling is MUCH better then stock.




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  5. I don't know how to post the pics but you can check out my garage for photos.
  6. Heres my 2000 on BBK Springs


  7. Old set-up....H&R Supersports (suck at the track)

    View attachment 463586

    Current set-up...Fox 4 cyl / V-8's (1.58 60')



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  8. about some more pics of that hood? Which company is it? Thanks
  9. That's a Steeda 3" Cobra R.....




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  10. IMG_0763.jpg

    Steeda Sports

    stock shocks and struts with 81k on the clock

    handles a lot better and rides the same

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  11. mmm JayC.. loving those wheels, that's exactly what I need lol
  12. Here's mine with a Ford C spring Drop


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  13. eibach sportlines with both front isolators removed and roush springs to lift the back cuz my sportlines sagged. :(


  14. Wow nice cars everyone! :nice:
    After seeing in the pics the drop the H&R Supersports give it's pretty low.
    I think I would be scraping all over town lol.I will probably be thinking about
    getting the H&R Sport springs because they will give you a 1.5-1.6" drop
    instead of a 2.0" drop with the Supersports.
    Thanks for the pics and more pics are always Welcome.
  15. Not being picky but ....

    handle like stock?

    :shrug: I would hope your "handling" capability would change. Perhaps ... ride is similar to "stock"?
  16. You might want to consider Ford Motorsport "C" springs.
  17. Man... that thing looks like a ... race car. I love it.

    How do you like the Bilsteins and the C springs?
  18. Eibach pro's w/shocks & struts.



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